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  1. osprey21

    What ever became of the Quad Stack mags?

    I hear ya. sigh.....
  2. Just wondering as I've been away from the board for a while. Am I ???
  3. osprey21

    Something new..LH Tromix S17!!!!!!!!

  4. osprey21

    Flash hider ? for Tony...

    I have a 8" gun I bought in March of 2006 - it has the old style 'slotted' flash hider - does it unscrew? Thought I'd ask before I tried. Thanks.
  5. osprey21

    Want to play a game? Part 2

    21 367 2006
  6. * SPF * Lightly used Saiga-12 'Izhmash' mags ~ One 8rd ~ One 5rd ~ Both are in Exc+ condition. $130.00 shipped FIRM ~ MO, Personal check(with hold), Ca$h. NO PayPal
  7. osprey21

    Anybody can cancel at anytime! Drum Update!

    Don't flatter yourself, sperm breath.
  8. osprey21


    Thank you all.
  9. osprey21

    Sick of the B.S.

    Sweet!!!!! I always wanted one, but screwed around back when they were affordable and didnt get one and now they are kind of on the pricey side. How does she shoot? I always wanted to get the wooden stock for my P08, but its always a money deal LOL Shoots great. I replaced all the springs when I first got it and it's going strong.
  10. osprey21

    Sick of the B.S.

  11. osprey21


    I presume you're referring to this..... Customers, First let me say sorry for the continued delays. I'm hoping to start shipping the last week of June or the first week of July. You will receive an email with a tracking number when they do start shipping. I will also be sending out an email letting everyone know when shipping starts. If anybody wants to cancel their order all they have to do is send me an email. Please make sure to put in the subject of the email "CANCEL ORDER". Thanks and sorry again, MikeD
  12. osprey21

    Going to production!

  13. osprey21

    Going to production!

    Ding ding ding. You echo my thoughts perfectly. I fully expect to check my UPS box and find a 20 rd drum just showed up. At that time I'll snap a few pis and post here. Don't hold your breath waitng on it, you might do harm to yourself Why don't you hold your breath and your tongue, numb nuts.
  14. osprey21

    Home conversion job.....yikes!!!!!!!!

  15. osprey21

    Going to production!

    That's great! Thanks for the update.