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  1. This. With a nice clean and lubed G2 trigger group most everyone is running already as compliance parts, there's not really any call for this product. The G2 has a lighter pull, and a cleaner brake than most any factory AR15 trigger group as it is already.
  2. He means Obummer. And thanks for the ideas. I'll try the washer thing, since I never seem to have much luck with trying to re-contour or bending springs.
  3. I've searched the forum, but there's so much on just removing the BHO, or the dental floss string trick to get the spring to seat, or improving the spring notch in the BHO lever, I couldn't find more info. I've seen the Carolina Shooter's Supply BHO, and I know it's easier to install into the FCG, and doesn't need three hands to put in, what I'm looking for is to find if anyone knows if it or some other BHO is more reliable. Does anyone make a reliability enhanced BHO, or can confirm the CSS BHO won't slip out? I found the BHO convenient for seating full mags and drums, and would jus
  5. That's an excellent video. Thanks for posting it! It's my own ass on the line and I won't advocate anything to anyone else, but I feel pretty safe testing stuff out in my Saiga and making substitutions that at least seem somewhat equivalent, or combinations that should reduce pressures. Like taking an oz and 1/8th load data and substituting a 1oz Lee slug, which is less weight, and less bore obduration because slugs resist swelling to the side under their own inertial like shot does etc. Add to that, the Saiga has a much thicker barrel profile than many common western sporting shotguns,
  6. AJ Dual

    Poly Chokes

    I have the flash hider version. So far it's been fine. Scrubbed some plastic and carbon out of it now and again. Next time I shoot my cheap reloaded Fed bulk-pack "birdslugs" I need to remember to crank down on it from cylinder/slug to IC and see if it strips off the wad a bit sooner and improves the accuracy of them any.
  7. I got the PK-A red-dot on my Saiga out at the range last week so I could take a stab at some actual groups and see what I'd get. The spread seems to be about 4-5" from my 1oz Lee birdslugs at 25yards. These were re-stuffed into virgin Federal bulk pack #8 hulls powder and wads from my original round of converted shells. I didn't really try super hard with my Caldwell rest, just the sandbags my club provides, but any other long-gun I shoot at 25 yards from a rest is practically one-hole, so I can tell I'm getting some extreme spread here. It's not me. I'm not very surprised. Seating dept
  8. Solid slugs also reduce pressure over a shot load because the shot load tends to squeeze and grow sideways under it's own inertia as the gunpowder gasses begins to move it. This tends to grab and obdurate the bore more, and raises pressures as well. Although the larger the shot the less this happens. A solid slug won't do it at all, and it resists the pressure behind it less.
  9. I haven't done any testing beyond 25 yards. And I only have the stock bead and buckhorn sights with it's short radius etc. I've got a PK-A on order and when it comes I intend to see what my "birdslugs" will do at 100 yards.
  10. The Lacquer Sticks at Brownell's are the proper item to use to fill in engravings like this. http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/general-gunsmith-tools/engraving-tools-supplies/inlay-color-fill-sticks/lacquer-stik--prod7778.aspx
  11. The best thing to polish it with is... ammo. That said, I just sat there in my workshop, put the buttstock down on a stool, and wailed on the bolt charging handle wearing a work glove, and would cycle it 100 times and take a break. After about 500 repetitions of that, I took it down, sprayed everything with carb cleaner, re-lubed with a spray of Rem-oil, and a drop of Mobil 1 on a few strategic places, then did it again a day or two later when I was passing through the basement to flip over laundry etc. I definitely see the benefit of a bolt profiling job, any time I forget myself a
  12. They're certainly not any sort of danger from a pressure standpoint. The risk comes in if the flare that's intended to exit just an inch or two of plastic barrel gets stuck in your long-barreled shotgun, or perhaps at the choke, and the incandescent flare keeps on burning away there, and the heat ruins the temper of the metal. The risk of that happening is low, and it's hard to say if such a thing happening would really ruin a shotgun barrel for sure, or just cause some cosmetic damage to the color of the finish where the flare got stuck.
  14. Yes. My club is pretty "suburb locked" these days, and we shoot from 10am to local sunset. So I just go in at 9am and pick at the backstop berms. I don't dig into them beyond an inch or two so I'm not disturbing them or eroding them. I just do the short range 15-25 yard pistol berms because the farther rifle berms, most all of the bullets are traveling too fast and disintegrate, or bury themselves too deeply. The larger diameter and slower pistol bullets don't go as deep and continued shooting and rain etc. will turn them up. If the club's popular, they're just everywhere. Also, if there's any
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