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  1. Had anyone made one of the non nfa shotguns? Shockwave tech has what they call a raptor out to shorten the barrel and mag tube on a Mossberg or maverick 12 ga. Along with their pistol grip you can make your own non nfa shotgun with a 14" barrel. http://shockwavetechnologies.com/site/?page_id=2990
  2. Maybe he just keeps going there because he likes dicks so much? Hahaha lol. Good one.
  3. 40 is my daily carry, last time I checked it still makes a hole.So does a 9 and with less recoil and more rounds. Just saying.
  4. That report had nothing really to say. I've used one for 3 years daily and haven't been sick once. Although I hardly ever get sick so that doesn't really mean anything I guess. I've researched and researched and have yet to find any real evidence it causes anything. I make my own juice I used veagtible glycerin and a small amount of propylene glycol and all natural flavorings. And if course nicotine which still causes bad stuff. But I no longer inhale tar and smoke. My wife hated the smell and my clothes always smelled. Not anymore. I'm sure it's not good for you as most things aren't. Bu
  5. I'd buy a remchoke adapter and cut the barrel to be 18" with the choke adapter perm attached.
  6. I honestly didnt think the vepr 12 has much recoil. I mean less is always good. But even with a full choke mine was easy on the shoulder. I was shooting a lot of round from a coach gun though.
  7. Wow just wow. Ya know maybe he learned his last lesson. Don't rob people. Doesn't look like his family will learn anything here.
  8. So I quit the cancer sticks about 3 years ago. Switched to e-cigs. Just wondering does anyone here use one or have been considering switching to a vaporizer?
  9. I always heard good stuff about Proto till I used them at work. Had three long handle 1/2 ratchets break after two weeks. Our local mall remodeled a couple years ago. They put a dicks right in the middle with seats on one side and everything else on the other, the thing is they are no longer a walk through. So y ou have to go outside to get to either sears or dicks. Dumbest decision ever. I thought then that that's be the same of sears. Only people I know that shop at sears have more money than sense. My gay brother in law always has his car worked on there. He needed brakes. I told
  10. The shiny shit thread comes to mind. Lol. I say unless she's a gun person she's not going to know one glock from the other. unless it's a different color. But to me 40 is a useless caliber, solution looking for a problem. I say if you want a centimetre get a 10mm
  11. Send it to me. You could do that.
  12. So I've found a vepr with what looks like a slant back. And wood stock. I was wondering if the slant back ar15 adapters I've seen would work. Does anyone have any advice.
  13. So can some please tell me more about a non stamp short barrel shotgun?
  14. Letting in the whole guns of be happy. And at the orginal import prices. I remember as a child I got ahold of a dealer's distributors catalog and the hold all the saigas for less than 300 bucks. Even the 3006.
  15. 25 a month doesn't sound bad. I'm not sure there is one local to me but some projects would be a dream having access to that kind of stuff.
  16. They omit the side proably cause it's left side charging. Maybe we can get some saigas imported again. Id like a saiga 12 with the magpul so folding stock. And some parts being fast I can live with. But the bolt isntvreally one of them. I guess I'll be looking for something different.
  17. I've had a vepr, I liked it. Loved the folding stock. But I sold it in the panic. Made almost double on it. But I really like the looks of the DDI and the rock in mags. In fact I think I like the looks of the DDI over most saigas I've seen. I could always get a saiga and make look the way of want but itd cost double what the factory DDI is. And what parts are cast? Like gas blocks or other parts. I'm not totally against Chinese guns. Had a couple Chinese sks and they were good guns.
  18. My family will be praying for you and yours. I know it's not merry but hold the ones you have left this Christmas.
  19. I'm pretty sure he's the guy that lights a Roman candle and points it right at his face. Makes it through one shot.
  20. Anyone have any experience with the DDI 12ga. It looks pretty awesome. Takes saiga mags and ar15 butt stocks. I searched but came up empty. I like the looks and the price. And the fact it takes saiga mags.also had left side charging handle. If it's reliable I'm thinking about picking one up soon.
  21. Take it to a machine shop. Unless the muzzle attachment isn't actually welded on. That may have been his problem. Or he didn't understand that the overall length is legal. Easiest way to measure is drop a wooden dowel don't the barrelon a closed bolt. Then mark and measure the dowel.
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