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  1. I'm number 2200 and something. Anyone have a guess?
  2. So .... Whats the latest number??
  3. I do not understand why anyone here feels that they have to act in any way on Mike's behalf including Cobra. Certainly any frustration that anyone is feeling is only due to the awkward position that Mike has put you in along with your individual belief that you have to protect him. Given Mikes past history of posting and given Mikes recent history of not posting it doesn't take a rocket scientist to draw the one and only conclusion that something is wrong. If there isn't anything wrong then Mike is the biggest moron in the history of the Internet for doing what he has done to all of hi
  4. Ok I've finally had enough of all this! Mark to address the first part of your post (quoted above)..... WOW! That's the same thing I told Mike myself! What a concept. Too bad he didn't listen and I STILL have had to take the brunt of all this bullshit and all these questions that HAVE no answers. THANKS MIKE! Just like Juggs hinted around...we ARE NOT sitting on any secret knowledge. Which brings me directly to the second part.....(insiders) I'm gonna say this one time and I'm done with all this. I AM NOT AN INSIDER. I don't know shit about the drums, any more than I hav
  5. Nice who is the maker, it looks expensive. Thanks It is called a rat-tail and is a custom made by Burn Knives.
  6. Here is a photo of one of my favorite knives. A double auto.
  7. Great Luger. What is it. I have a 98% BYF Black Widow. +1 on the fitting the hand. Did you know the term "Black Widow" was coined in the 60's possibly by Ralph Shattuck? They look nice with the black plastic grips. Is your's a 41 or 42 date? Mine is a 42 and was one of the last made.
  8. Great Luger. What is it. I have a 98% BYF Black Widow. +1 on the fitting the hand.
  9. I would assume that you all got the e-mail. Possible shipping in three weeks. Yea!
  10. I am surprised that no one is concerned about Mike's well being. Two weeks without him checking in? Maybe he is sick. Maybe he had an accident. Has anyone talked to him to find out if he is OK?
  11. I am surprised that Mike has not responded to this thread.
  12. +1 It is a simple question. What is the best guess? Why is that in anyway being disrespectful of our inventor?
  13. Lets see, Mike said about 4 weeks from the post date of March 17th ahhhh that would be approximately....
  14. Thanks for making the extras You now have 2 less
  15. You my friend are blessed with a gift. Great work.
  16. Not if you have a trigger finger that is 14" long.
  17. Here is a newer video where they have mounted two together and with a remote control. New Link Please Santa!!
  18. I wonder if there is any way to buy one of these babies? Tromix?
  19. Anyone want to sell some at a profit? Let me know.
  20. That may be true but I won't buy anymore blacks. But if they make a see through mag, I'll buy 4 more. My bet is 90% of the first time buyers are like me (not necessarily clear though).
  21. That is one really good looking shotgun BTW!
  22. 1Bigdog

    "SHTF" = WTF

    An event such as a Cat 5 hurricane in my mind really is not a SHTF situation. I am sure that anyone who experiences one may disagree but people in the middle of one still know that it is just a matter of time (maybe 3 days maybe 3 weeks) before help will come. The cleanup may take a while but you also know that in the other 99% of the country life goes on as usual. Because of this your cash is still worth something. If you have enough food for a week or two that will not spoil and if you have the ability to protect it and your family for this short time, you will survive. The most i
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