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  1. Yeah, that's what I say. If only MY shooting could live up to the pistol. Oh shit. lol, I'm waaaay to sleep deprived. I missed that typo. lol. 100yards. I think I need a nap.
  2. Yeah, that's what I say. If only MY shooting could live up to the pistol.
  3. My Zatsva M-57. I'll get some better picks when I can. I have to say, I'm VERY impressed with this pistol. So far I have shot almost 200 rounds without a single issue (aside from a sticky mag release that I was able to adjust). It is much more accurate then my shooting, lol. However my friend who is a good pistol shot was hitting objects almost 100 yards away with ease. Cleaning has also been a breeze. The gun breaks down without needing a single tool. I haven't shot any of the surplus ammo through it due to some stories I've heard about it not being worth beans. S&B is the only ammo I've been able to find locally for sale and it's 30 bucks for a box of 60 (ouch). If you guys know of a better ammo hook up then that in the MI area, let me know! If you love soviet era arms, and a good deal, DO NOT pass up one of these while they're still around.
  4. The Muslim clergyman hid several dozen weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition in the inner city Mosque, and in nearby buildings on site. A rural farm owned by the Mosque was also raided where hundreds of rounds of ammunition and assault weapons, rifles, and small arms were discovered. No one is quite sure where the clergyman got the money to buy the arsenal. The arms were readily available to the Sunni Muslim congregation. The clergyman's lawyer said all the weapons and ammunition were legal. Police have not charged him with a crime. Just put the words "Terrorist cell" , and "Al qaeda" in there, and you'd be about right.
  5. I'm cheap. I use this. http://www.sportsauthority.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4104397&CAWELAID=784433963 If I need something harder, I got a guitar case it'll fit in with a old towel to keep it from bouncin around.
  6. Did my own.... easy. Just go step by step, and follow some directions. There's a soundless video out there that really helped me out. Sorry I can't find the link atm.
  7. Haha! I mean, no one wants to go to jail right? But jeeesh, talk about bad planning. lol
  8. That's a confusing way of saying it. What he means is, when you modify your rifle, you cannot have more then 10 foreign made parts on it.
  9. Hey guys, wondering if anyone has used this stuff. Up until now my corrosive cleaning technique has been Windex, and haven't had a problem. Someone has given me a bottle of this stuff and told me it works good. I can say, I used it on my 91/30 which was already clean (I thought), and was surprised at the gunk it seemed to knock loose. Now the damn barrel looks almost new. Anyone else use this product? Is it safe for chrome lined barrels like on my 5.45? I wanna like the stuff. Thompson t-17
  10. I know I'm crazy, but I clean my guns everytime I shoot them. Hell, I'll clean them if I had a DREAM about shooting them. I find it to be relaxing. Plus, nothing wrong with having a clean gun.
  11. I'm afraid I know next to nothing. It's wood. With the spot for my kit. Bulgy maybe? Some dude coulda made it in his garage for all I really know.
  12. Or maybe one of the Polish marble grips. The textured look goes really well with wood furniture. I thought about going with wood, but now I'll have to check the polish marbled out. You haven't steered me wrong yet Jim!
  13. Not sure, but I don't think the .223 tube is specific. All the rifle tubes I think except maybe the 308 are the same. Again, not sure, but this is what I was led to believe.
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