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  1. Just off the top of my had; and I have not messed with the insides. I don't know if the length is available. But an idea. If you could replace the front long rivet with a screw. Put the screw in from the outside. Threading the hole in the cover would be a nice idea. Get a piece of Teflon thick enough to cover the screw and hold the bolt carrier in place. Drill an undersized hole in the Teflon and screw it on to act as the nut while reaching far enough to hold the bolt carrier in place like the current rivet does. Or adjust the height of the cover; whichever it is there for. Probably put a good lockwasher under it. If you can do that, it should reduce the wear on the bolt carrier and not add nearly as much friction. You could extend the idea and put a piece of shaped Teflon in there with maybe an extra screw or two to make a real solid piece. You might want to make a couple of them so you have a replacement if one wears out. Perhaps some Loctite on the screw/carrier hole. On the Teflon it won't help. Or some variation. If you have room, you could machine a piece of Teflon to span the whole cover area and perhaps be able to provide more robust retention.
  2. A few questions to any experts if I may. Does cutting out the metal for the left hand charging handle impact the structural integrity or durability of the overall weapon? How hard is it to weld on the new handle and plug the remove/plug the original? Thinking selection of gunsmiths skill levels when asking this. Is that the original charging handle now n the left? Will the Bonesteel left hand folder and M4 stock allow firing with the left hand charger and the stock folded? That strikes me as being where I might want to go.
  3. Try reading or posting here. http://www.usacarry.com/forums/virginia-discussion-firearm-news/
  4. Anyone talking to Tromix about them doing a kit of the Vepr that avoids this issue?
  5. ObiWan - I find the issue of unintended discharge when moving the safety lever too far seriously disquieting. I actually managed to do that with the safety the first time I took the gun out of the box. I have a Tromix trigger group sitting here to get parts counts correct for big mags. I asked a vendor about this and the reply was that it can not happen. You description however, seems quite logical and understandable. Would it be easier for someone with minimal appropriate tools to change the disconnector instead of the safety lever? Is there another trigger group available that drops in but functions correctly. Many people are still going to need those parts counts for even minimal use.
  6. OK. There was an incident in a National Park here a few days ago. A family claimed people were shooting at them. Didn't stop when they hollered, and followed them back to their car firing at them. Background noise on the 911 call causes comment "that's an automatic weapon". My guess: someone out shooting (it appears to be legal there) didn't hear the people. Maybe ear protection. Never knew they were there. But reports of "could hear the shots hit the trees above us" lead one to believe that the shooters were stupidly inept about safety or they were really trying to scare people. Hard to tell, but the shots could have just been from someone firing a semi-auto quickly. Not that it is wrong to have a licensed full auto. Net result: bad press for "guns" rather than idiot humans.
  7. Do you live in Washington and maybe did that a couple of days ago?
  8. I have one of the Atlantic provided stocks on the gun. The size/shape is just not right for me - too short. Somewhat hard to get my head down sufficiently. What I want is probably something adjustable so I can pick a length. The idea of a folding stock has some appeal. An adjustable cheek pad also seems useful. I plan to put a KICK-EEZ pad on the butt. I have a CSS muzzle brake on it (which seems to work real nice). I can also just go with another fixed stock. I am not married to folding. Now if I get a folding stock, my gut says I will be happier with a left folder. Bonesteel has one now that i made for the Vepr, but does not show a cheek pad for the stock. I suspect that a cheek pad on a left folder could be a problem. What I am looking for here is some advice from actual users of this sort of thing (adjustable folding stocks [left vs right] and adjustable cheek pads) to try to get me informed enough to make a purchase. I am not in a real hurry, so if something is coming up, I can wait.
  9. alternety

    Butt stock pads?

    This would be (and will be once I get a new stock) my choice. http://www.kickeezproducts.com/
  10. Is there a possibility of future drums that will work without removing the magwell? The ability to interchange mags and drums would, I believe, make it reasonable to buy drums. I really don't want to eliminate the use of Vepr-12 mags to use a drum. alternatives count.
  11. Anything that should be polished on the Vepr? Given the many polishing spots/activities/services on the Saiga forum; just wondering. Much the same parts (e.g., all AK derivatives) although if fit and finish is sufficiently improved on the Vepr, polishing may not be helpful. I saw at least one comment on here somewhere that the person did a bit of polishing on the hammer (and filing) when putting in the Tromix Tapco. I have the trigger group on order so I figure I will get it all done at one time if indicated. In a related question, what is the best method and material for polishing? I watched one U-tube video and my feeling was that method would yield some oddly shaped internal surfaces. I presume you really don't generally want to alter the relationships of the contacting surfaces; just smooth them.
  12. I am asking what I asked above. I will rephrase. View post 13 for basis. I sent an email to CSS, entitled 922r Vepr. I asked: There is a thread (http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/81815-vepr-questions/) discussing 922r compliance. While going to your site to order a puck, I saw that there is one answer on the thread that differs from the list on your web site: Your US made muzzle brake counting as one compliance item. The thread reply says it is a wash and does not count. Now my terminology may be off here, but I think my question was fairly definitive. YMMV The response was: A US made brake does count for part on the shotgun. It does not on the rifles. Now CSS could have missed the "it is a wash and does not count". So it "counts" but does not matter. It is this possible interpretation I am trying to resolve. This thread says no. The gun is not delivered with the brake so it does "not count". And this sounds reasonable from what I have read. It is over the semantics of does not count vs it counts but makes no difference. And to the actual semantic issues resolved. Reiterating/rephrasing the question: If I have a Vepr 12 and add a CSS US made GK-01 clone muzzle brake, may I count that as one 922r compatibility part for further configuration of the shotgun? Or must I simply ignore it? I have, apparently, two different answers. But the semantics are iffy.
  13. Any further views of the 922r status of the shotgun muzzle brake? I am thinking the CSS studied this well because they were planning to sell a GK-01 clone. Perhaps they have some form of ruling from BATF.
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