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  1. Okay, I was at a 3-Gun match today, and came across a VERY nicely upgraded S12. Profiled bolt, extended charging handle, forward FCG, muzzle brake, etc. And... This integrated sidemount RDS. The reticle was a very nice chevron though, so I guess it'd be a RCS. I couldn't find any markings or nomenclature that I could easily romanize/anglicize. The owner had the manual, and it was all in cryllic. Can anyone tell me what this is? It's a great package, and I really want one!
  2. You guys kick ass! Rest assured I have read every word. I have another question. My Saiga likes Federal bulk pack. Are these hulls synonymous with "Federal Gold Medal" in reloading recipes? Also, are the WAA12 wads usable with both shot and slugs? Thanks!
  3. It's a seller's market when it comes to Izzy 8rd'ers. People that know them and want the most reliable mags will pay. If you think it's too much, you obviously don't need to worry about it. It always really annoys me when people bitch or question how much something costs . Let me google that for you...
  4. So, I love shooting my Saiga 12, especially with slugs. I already reload for my M1A and M4gery, so I'm familiar with the process and many retailers. I'm not having any luck finding slugs for a decent price - do you have to cast to really save on slug and buck loads? Any recommendation on what hulls and wads to stock up on (re: what's cheap and widely available)? I'm considering a Lee Load-All, or if I get REALLY ambitious, a MEC 650.
  5. The Extended Quad rails should be back in stock in a week or two. That's what they told me when I ordered mine a few weeks ago (that it would be about 3-4 weeks).
  6. I'm pretty sure you do. It's already been ground down on the sides. But if you look at it, it's a pair of joined Surefire mags with a coupler. Makes sense, since IIRC, Surefire mags can be cut off at the lines to make shorter mags. http://www.randrtargets.com/saiga_shotgun_parts.htm
  7. Okay, I checked AGP, Carolina Shooter's, Mississippi Auto Arms, etc. Does anyone know someplace I can get an AGP 10rd mag for less than $40 still? Did the ATF scare everyone into panic-buying mags? Thanks.
  8. I've been shooting mostly 2 3/4" Winchester Super X rifled slugs. They seem to do pretty decent. Added: Also, what sights do you use, and what sort of drop do you get at 50 and 100 yards?
  9. My bad, 19 inch barrel from bolt face to muzzle. Understood that I'll have to experiment, but I'm still making a list of things I'll definitely have to try. TruBall Fiocchi 7/8 Aero S&B 1oz PSL Sniper; maybe this sounds ridiculous in context of a shotgun, but for comparison's sake, what sort of groups do your handloads get you?
  10. I want to start stocking up on slugs for defensive and competition (USPSA 3 gun) use. I have a Saiga12 with the 18 inch smoothbore unchoked barrel. I'd like to try the Federal TruBall load. Any recommendations and experiences would be great! ETA: Also, what sights do you use, and what sort of drop do you get at 50 and 100 yards?
  11. Update: With the Saiga fresh out of the box, it's first 50 rounds were Federal 'High Brass" and Estate "Heavy Game Load". Gun ran just fine, maybe a single stovepipe on the first mag. After that, tried about 10 Winchester "Universal" birdshot. Very high FTE rate. Tried some basic Federal birdshot and the shotgun ran just fine on setting #2, just a couple FTE. Took her home, cleaned with M-Pro 7, and oiled with M-Pro LPX. Went out shooting again. Zero FTE over 100 rounds of the cheap Federal birdshot. Success! Lesson: LPX is great. Factory gun oils, not so much. I also bough
  12. I have a Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40 on my Noveske N4. It's a pretty bitchin' piece of glass. Sometimes I have trouble getting the crosshairs and target in focus on other scopes, no such problem with the Zeiss.
  13. After deliberating the purchase for over a year, I finally went to the on-base gunstore and asked them to special-order me a Saiga. It should be here Tuesday or Wednesday this next week, just in time for me to bring it with me on Thanksgiving vacation. When I get back, I'm planning on using the conversion kit from Carolina Shooter's Supply to replace the FCG and use a standard PG and stock. I'm also considering doing the magwell mod and an extended mag catch... and the twister puck... and some better sights... For now I need to keep it simple and break it in. Looks like there's no clea
  14. Just bought a Saiga-12, woot!

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