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  1. My buddy just bought an M4-2000 after I tried to steer him away from it for that very reason. Guess we'll have to wait and see if he lucked out with a solid lockup. Also, +1 to the CNC Warrior alignment rod. I got it on sale for like $20 and it's worked like a charm on two cans.
  2. Look into the Specwar 762. Great price, excellent sound reduction, built like a tank, great mounting system, and a lifetime warranty. SilencerCo is discontinuing the Specwar line in favor of the user-serviceable Saker line, which means the Specwar 762 is very affordable right now (I picked mine up for $585).
  3. A purchase I actually made that got me ID'd once was cement glue, bleach tablets and solo cups
  4. - B5 SOPMOD stock - Malkoff 325 lumen E2/Scout head - CNC warrior suppressor alignment rod - ASR suppressor mount and SilencerCo high-temp suppressor cover (got both for free from SiCo) Also, two friends of mine each bought DD MK18 uppers, so while I didn't buy them, I'm the only one with an SBR lower so I definitely get to play with them extensively
  5. Enjoy your stay. If you happen to pass through the Scranton/WB area, I'm down for an impromptu shooting session
  6. I realize I'm really late to the party here, but there is absolutely no reason not to buy from PSA. Their FN-barreled Premium series is right up there with Colt, LMT, BCM, etc. I can't speak from experience for their nitrided line but reports have been pretty overwhelmingly favorable. My buddy just ordered one of their nitrided 10.5s yesterday that we're planning on putting through its paces on my SBR lower before he decides to suppress it. PSA used to get flack back in the day because they grew too fast and their customer service and QC suffered for it. That just isn't the case anymore.
  7. Having compared it back-to-back with a VG6 Gamma, Lantac Dragon and SI King Comp, it's pretty damn impressive for 40 year old Soviet tech. It would probably be even more impressive on an AR where the impulse of the carrier wasn't so prominent.
  8. We all know it was the Russians

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      One way or another, lol.

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