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  1. we all need to stop referring to it as armor piercing it is reduced lead environmentally friendly ammo
  2. I've kept chickens for about 15 years. I currently have 11 hens Rhode Island Reds and barred rocks.one thing I have not seen mentioned here is that chickens enjoy and seem to do well on most any and all table scraps. With the number of birds you're talking about getting table scraps could greatly offset the feed bill
  3. no need to type just push the little button that looks like a microphone and speak
  4. check out some of his other videos. the attention to detail is unreal
  5. +1 wolf jhp ripped a large! jack rabbit in two
  6. I assume you ment short quad stack would rock. And yes a short little 30 round quad would be awsome. Imho
  7. Hi capacity AK mags & drums can be found all over the place. Howerver the mags I love are the 20 round tanker for the short compactness. A 30 round quad would be shorter than the 20 I like to use and would fill a void in the market. The selling point being short compact . I will buy a hand full and think every other AK owner will want one .what do you guys think am I crazy
  8. I made a stop at my LGS after work and was looking at a romanian under folder. The sight looked strait it all looked good . It was marked $529.00 so I made an offer of 500 .the guy got on the comuter to look at his cost. Ends up saying ok 5 plus tax. then he got the box for it from the back and it had 3 more mags and a cleaning kit in it. He said look you got 3 more mags. Its a GOOD Friday!
  9. OH no I made a type-o and the gun in the pic is not a Saiga let the scolding begin
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