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  1. Hey on the Zhukov note will the buttstock work on or saiga 12's?
  2. I only have three ports. Not sure if I can get a fourth one in the shadow of the gas block. The three are pretty well spaced out. Sorry the pictures are not that good. Might be able to get one at the bottom and make a diamond but then I'm kinda worried about the piece of barrel in the middle being weakened and breaking.
  3. Thanks for the information. I'll be trying this in the morning before church!
  4. That's going to have to wait till I can get with a friend and borrow his drill press. Don't think I have steady enough hands to do it with my hand drill I have.
  5. I agree, I wouldn't send anything in to get polished until you get the gas ports right and just polish off the paint on the rails, hammer and bolt carrier yourself. You'll end up spending about $150 to send it off for a shiny polish job and likely wait 1-3 months for your parts back... What size drill bit fits tightest into your ports? I was able to get a 5/64" bit in all three holes.
  6. Thanks! Was wondering how far the folder stuck out from the receiver. Some look like there a mile from it. I'm trying to find one with clean lines
  7. Thanks for the tip! I have a good set of grace punches, there made more for mechanical work I guess there very long. I am ordering a set of Staretts right now.
  8. Thanks I'm going to need to order another set of punches I see! O well can't have enough tools!
  9. Any one have a few pictures of the bonesteel installed on their gun?
  10. Finally got the right size punches. Got the top pin out but the bottom one is being very stubborn! Already bent the new 3/32 punch into a banana. Tried using the end of some saw files that I had but turned them into fish hooks also. Any ideas on getting it loose? I'm going to put some penetrating oil on it and see if it loosens it up. But as for right now I'm stuck.
  11. Trying to use the code and its say its invalid. I might be doing something wrong but I'm entering tac47 into the coupon spot and it keeps saying invalid.
  12. Thanks for the help so far guys! I should have some new punches in on Monday or Tuesday. I'm going to tear everything down on it to clean and prep for dura coating so I'm going to tune everything I can. I want this to be the smoothest running saiga I can make it. Been told by to many shotgunners how horrible the saiga is and I want to blow them all away next time I see a few of them with how well the gun runs.
  13. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink... Ha! I'm waiting on some new punches to get here and I will be pulling it all apart completely for inspection. Punches I have are a little big and made for heavy equipment!
  14. Ok ports are good had a little bit of carbon build up in them but was able to remove with a bent paper clip.
  15. I haven't taken the gas block off.and am not to sure how to get it off. I have basic tools but have never done it before.
  16. Ok been on the forum for a while, and have had my saiga for almost two years. Finally doing my conversion! I know lots of people have posted about theirselves doing the conversion but I just wanted to post mine up as well and maybe get any extra words of advice or things y'all would do different. Ok when I got the shotgun it had a tapco stock on it it would FTE every third or fourth round shooting on the number 2 setting with Walmart number 6's. Shooting on setting number 1 with high brass 00 it FTE about every fifth or sixth round. So with that being said I'm sending my bolt and carrier to h
  17. I was looking for these slugs but I guess ya'll bought them all up. O well got 350 00 buck coming in on Friday from cabela's black Friday sale.
  18. Howdy, Saw an old post of yours on a belt fed 12 gauge. I was interested in your profile pic its of a shorty saiga 12 but it looks like you have a flashlight above the barrel in the gas tube. just curious if you did this modification or if it was even possible.



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