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  1. back when I did my conversion, a dremel worked fine for cutting off the FSB
  2. sportsmans guide last month, 2160 rounds for $300. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/cb.aspx?a=817565 maybe it will come back who knows. my back order says june 2013.
  3. like the others, package with metal parts made it into the country... the mag bodies never made it out of ukrposhtas hands. no word from FT. and he was quick with emails before, not now.
  4. First consult the flowchart Because you are a PRK Resident: http://www.calguns.net/caawid/flowchart.pdf I dont think your angled front grip is legal without a bullet button. Next Use The 922r Calculator to determine 922r status of Saiga: http://jobson.us/922r/
  5. I think date of importation might come into play. Note that AIM surplus has these same mags @ $68 a pop, and they won't sell to ban states. they also dont sell a lot of things to ban states that they legally can
  6. still waiting for my order... :[ shipped 8/29 or 8/30 maybe this Saturday then?
  7. Hmm.. thanks. I hadn't considered the trouble of cleaning it. I can certainly see that as being an issue for me.. shooting up loads of cheap 7n6 is why I bought a 5.45 in the first place. Not excited about the idea of losing the rear sight for a beryl type rail either. Definately don't want a railed up forearm.. prefer wood furniture. I guess that leaves a side rail mount.. I have the UTG side rail option right now and its not too bad. However you don't really get a cheek weld at all on the rifle. I bought Jim's ultimak rail and am going to mount my primary arms micro dot gen 7.
  8. like others have said, we bought them all. it was probably because of that cheap CAI ak74 that came with 2 or 3 bulgy mags. you can still find polish 5.45 mags which are said to be compatible with all 74 pattern rifles tapco mags arent too bad and are about the same price as a bulgarian.
  9. He told me he would be shipping Thursday.
  10. that is for compact rifles like the AK107 or aks-74u, i dont think it will fit your saiga because the gas system is different on those rifles.
  11. Its from the bulgarian AK stock set from copesdistributing whats that handgaurd
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