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  1. I got a Saiga 223 that I converted myself years ago but with that ban on Saigas and the 223 version being rare I'm wondering on the availability of parts if anything inside does break. I don't like on mine the barrel or sights on mine is slightly crooked so my sight post is flush on one side to be centered which is annoying. But with it still being AK platform wouldn't it last beyond my life anyway? I shoot about 100 rounds a month out of it.
  2. i only shoot tula ammo found at wal mart nothing wrong with 5 dollar a box and never had problems with it
  3. I bought 4. Two of them seem to be perfect, one of them is hit or miss and the last one sucks. I pushed my finger down into the magazine to test the springs and the bad one isn't as strong as the good kind. I got a caliber clipper thing to measure the magazine lip width and clamped them to be the same width of my surefire 30rd magazine. I used a dremel to cut out some of the pieces of my original factory saiga magazine to fit my saiga with bullet guide to act as my control and it fired through no problems at all. It seems the magazines with weak springs are the culprit. My 2 dodgy galil mags will usually mess up on the last round but first round and others they work and no problems. Last rounds with those usually ride under or over the bullet guide and end up at the top, up against the roof of the dust cover. I'm going to tinker with the two dodgy magazines it's 25 dollars there and I don't make much so I want to keep and fix all I got.
  4. Same issue here first round in used to be an issue but after shooting a lot it broke in and it would load correctly except for my last loud it won't usually load correctly and gets jammed somewhere between the magazine and the chamber
  5. Is there a reason why the last round tends to jam? Is it because of the feed lips
  6. I bought 223 galil surplus mags, bought bullet guide, installed and tried it all out today. Out of 4 mags 1 is bad, 1 works superbly and 2 are alright. My biggest problem is the last round it will jam. My bad magazine regularly destroys the casing and one time pushed the bullet into the casing. I'm min wage worker so if there is a way to make all the mags work I'm up for it I don't want to buy more things to get it to work. If it has to do with the bullet guide needing to be worn down more with more shooting I'm good with it.
  7. I need to buy ammo from somewhere other than wal mart 5 dollar box of tula ammo and ~dr insane-o~ 16 dollars for a new non corrosive mosin ammo 7.62x54r. Online is cheaper but prices get really high on shipping. So someone tell me of a site with friendly prices and friendly shipping? Or is 20-30 dollar shipping the new norm? Maybe 500 rounds for 223 and 100 for my mosin. I don't shoot the mosin much it hurts me.
  8. Thanks. I like using the tool kit the gun came with the little slot makes things easy after that is removed the gas tube easily comes off and is easy to snap back in place.
  9. The lever beside the rear sight to remove the gas tube is extremely hard to budge. I have to use robogrips to get it to move. Same goes when I install the gas tube and press down so it reaches the little dent where the lever sits. I've seen videos of removing the gas tube is simply pressing upwards with your thumb and the lever moves and gas tube comes off but this one is so hard to get off. What can I do to fix this?
  10. How do you take it apart? I see a notch/button like device at the bottom but i don't want to do anything until I know for certain. These mags don't have anything stamped on them besides a random number but they came in bags with a sticker that says israeli galil 223
  11. From midway cheap price for them too. How do I clean these? Lots of sand and grease and I want to paint them black. Anyone here experienced with cleaning the mags and a good way to do such that?
  12. I say it say-guh. or like the old game system, sega!
  13. How do you do that? The front sight seems welded on. I know that the tool makes part of the front sight go up and down I adjusted that.
  14. i got a laser bullet for sighting in my gun and when i look through iron sights my laser dot lands well right of where my iron sights are going. Is this easily fixed or am i going to have to guess where I shoot aim a little left to compensate?
  15. Going to order it soon, but i don't have a drill press. I did some searching and I found out some jb weld would work in place of not having a drill press. Great price for galil mags 13 dollars much better than 30 for plastic sure fire.
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