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  1. If you have a generator you should look into an emergency power transfer system like this: http://www.briggsandstratton.com/display/r...asp?docid=76376 Cutler-Hammer Residential Transfer Switches Cutler-Hammer Manual Transfer Switches
  2. If SHTF I'd want to have the following: water, food, smokes, booze, ammo, guns, tools and some good luck.
  3. GunsmithCat


    You try cleaning the gas chamber and gas piston yet?
  4. I remember when I dropped my 1911 to Ted Yost it took over 6 months before the thing was done. People don't realize that if you put the words "custom" and "gun" together and you aren't doing it yourself then it's going to take a long time. If you take your gun to the most bitchin' smith in all the land expect to take a number. Your gun may only take like 3 days to complete but when you are like #20 in line to be served then you have to wait your turn. If you want it done faster DIY WECSOG style even.
  5. Got mine from where I used to work. I sure miss working in the industry, was nice just to send an e-mail and have the gun of your choice arrive in less than a week.
  6. Damn elitist bastards. After getting the S-12 I will never buy another shotgun ever. I will however buy more S-12s. Anyone who can shoot a S-12 and then say they want a pump or traditional semi-auto instead really need to get their head checked.
  7. What I'd like to see would be an american company make a Saiga-12 so they could start off in the configuration we'd all like to see. Something that would start out life like the Saiga-12S Exp-01-30.
  8. Here's a link to a place that has pretty good pricing for pic rail blanks in both stainless and mild steel. It doesn't list it on the site but they may still make 'em. Got a 12" section of it from 'em for less than what those mounts plus guys are charging for 1/2 that size in mild steel. Just give 'em a ring or e-mail and see what they say. http://www.midwestcuttingtools.com/
  9. GunsmithCat

    AGP? 10rd

    What price is he offering, and where can we go to preorder? Any pictures of the prototypes? You can find those HERE No, those are the AGP magazines. I Emailed the guy asking to be put on the waiting list, and he told me personally to go to that site and order from them because they comprise a large part of their first order. IE, AGP ships out their first order to those on the list, those people have a large order on the list, they get their mags, and they in turn ship their mags out to those that preordered with them!! I got this DIRECT from Kevin's mouth. Here's what's goin
  10. GunsmithCat

    AGP? 10rd

    What price is he offering, and where can we go to preorder? Any pictures of the prototypes? You can find those HERE
  11. Ill secound that nomination all in favor say I I'll work on that, will have to figure out a better way to do the gas tube though, the front retainer is the biggest pain in the ass to get on there right. I may have to just fabricate a front retainer out of sheet metal that will work better.
  12. Damn gas tube was a pain in the ass. The hardest parts were deciding on overall length and how to shape the connecting end to fit the RSB.It was especially difficult with how the thing is constructed, the length of a upper handguard is almost exactly what the gap is between the gas block and the rear sight block minus the size of the connecting end piece of the gas tube of course. It's been interesting, looking at how many things match up in dimensions, how close all kalashnikov designs are to one another. The biggest pain overall I would say has been putting the front retainer on the tube bei
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