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    Magwell Help

    you may never see how this comes out.. I sent the gun to a gunsmith who at one time was highly respected.. and now has virtually fallen off the face of the earth.. the police are involved but even that appears to be a struggle.. it sucks.. a gun I had forever.. I may never see again.. Well that indeed sucks. On my own issues I have discovered the JTE and SGM both make magwells based on the SGM surefire mags which will work in either. The JTE well is metal, the SGM well is plastic. The JTE well requires modification of the SGM mags while the SGM doesn't. That means I would li
  2. Except you don't have to convert the DDI12/Cheetah. It already comes with just about everything you need including hi-cap mags.
  3. mac66

    Magwell Help

    It looks like one has to file down the front lip of the mags so they will slide in straight. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something different about them. I don't want to start cutting those expensive mags only to find they won't work for some other reason.
  4. mac66

    Magwell Help

    Will that mag well work with AGP mags? (which is what I have)
  5. mac66

    Magwell Help

    Late to the party but am interested in seeing how this turned out. Just ran my Saiga in a match for the first time and the "rock the mag" thing sucks. I need an easier and faster way to get the mags back in the gun. A couple other additions for competition would be helpful as well. -Extended mag release. That looks like an easy fix by bending and riveting or bolting a piece of metal on the existing mag release -I have an AR carbine stock on a buffer tube. 60 rounds of buckshot left my shoulder bruised and battered. A Limb Saver pad or recoil absorbing stock would help. -My S
  6. It's a DDI 12. Looking around the internet is looks like DDI 12s are running around $600 by itself if you can find one in stock. this one with free shipping, free forearm, muzzle comp and 4 hi cap mags looks like a good deal. Reviews on the DDI 12 are generally positive. It has some features I like better than my early production Saiga like the sights, left side charging handle and safety not to mention that you don't have to convert it. I handled one at a shop a couple months ago and it seemed to be build as well as my Saiga if that is saying anything. Considering you can't even find
  7. Thanks for the info. One nice thing about that existing rail is that you can press fit one of those fiber optic sights that fit on shotgun ribs on it. It works well and I will miss that if I get the BA rail. I tend to keep gun parts in case I want to return them to original condition but thanks for offering to unburden me of it.
  8. Thanks for the comment. I am also assuming there is no problem removing the bolt carrier as well. One more question.... My Saiga has sight rail that is attached at the rear by a dove tail and at the front by an adjusting wheel. Does this rail have to be removed for the BA rail to be installed?
  9. It looks like there is enough room for the receiver cover to be lifted off, not sure about the bolt/carrier and it doesn't say on the BA website. Usually if a company doesn't mention something as a selling point then it doesn't do it.
  10. Suggestions for photographing firearms.... 1. Use a darker non reflective background. A light colored background reflects light which washes out the detail on your dark colored firearm. 2. Use a plain background, A background with patterns, shapes, images or lines is too busy and draws the eye away from the subject. It is hard to look at for very long. 3. Use your photo storage service (like photobucket etc) to crop, and edit your photos. This will help you eliminate large spaces in the background and focus attention on the firearm. It also allows you to adjust brightness, color,
  11. Obviously I am behind the times a bit....Best looking one so far. I can see the furniture is magpul. Love the front sight. I am assuming it is from Venom Tactical?
  12. sportsmansguide has the Black Aces Tactical Saiga 12 one piece rail on clearance for $60 or $54 if a member. Seems like a pretty good deal on a normally $190 rail. Anybody have one? Any opinions on this? Other than converting my 12, I've not done anything to dress it up. Thinking this might be fun and inexpensive way to make it look better.
  13. My S12 did not come with a BHO. I cut a notch in the safety lever and use it to hold open the bolt. I think the gun cools off faster after extended firing sessions and I like the bolt open for safety reasons ( bolt back, safety on) when it is laying on the bench. I did the same notch on all my non-Saiga AK rifles. Easy and cheap
  14. My understanding is that Thermold/Moldmaker AK mags will work in a stock Saiga with no mods to the rifle. According to the link, all you would need is a US made forearm or stock (not both) and US made mags to be compliant.
  15. My 2001 era 12 did not come with a bolt hold open. I cut a notch in the safety lever, pull the bolt back and slide the notch up to capture it and hold it back. Photo is from when I converted it. Did the same thing with my other non-saiga AK rifles.
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