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  1. I recently upgraded, or at least I consider it an upgrade, from a heavy quick detach side rail mount on my converted saiga 7.62 to the Ultimak gas tube mount for my red dot. This also forced me to get rid of my old super chunky UTG quad rail which I installed years ago because it was cheaper and simple. My rifle has now taken on a sleeker, lighter look and feel, and I can cowitness my irons; but I'm left with a new question (purpose of this post)..... Is there anymore use for the rail on the side of the reciever where the side mount used to ride? I looked around online, and I havn't
  2. well of course its a rare situation, that's why I resort to a owners forum with thousands of members as oppossed to spending hours browsing online and at gun shows. The third thread was my attempt at being as specific as possible because I sorta missed exactly what I was getting at the first 2 times, plus Im just looking to draw more attention from other members.....I appreciate your advice, but I'm not forcing anyone to view the threads, if the repetitiveness really bothers you, just ignore me, won't hurt my feelings. Thanks for the help so far though
  3. Because threads go dead so quickly when they aren't new, and I wasn't completely satisfied with the responses, although TX-zen had a good one that I didn't see until just now because the reply notification thing didn't work.........anyway, its not a big deal
  4. After converting my Saiga, my low profile AK side mount no longer slides on because I now have a single point sling loop in the way, however, my old side mount can still slide on because it is constructed so that it only clamps onto the bottom of the rail with an approx 3/4 inch section as oppossed to the whole length of the mount as on the other one, this allows it to clear the sling loop and still slide on. I think this is because it is an SVD style mount and the other is an AK style mount. I have read that the SVD mounts dont work well on AK's but it seems to fit tight on my saiga side rai
  5. I need an AK side rail scope mount that will slide on from the front instead of the more common one which attach from back to front...........this is due to a single point sling ring on my stock tube that interferes with any mounts that slide on from the rear PLEASE attach some links if you have any ideas, and the SVD mounts won't work obviously becase the rails are different........i just dont know if anyone makes actually AK mounts that slide on from the front, ughh
  6. cowitnessing isn't a worry of mine, but if you have any specific products with web addresses for clamp on side mounts, i would appreciate that, I have no experience with them
  7. I've owned a Belarus-made side mount from Kalinka optics for a few years now and I have liked it. Now I have a problem though, I recently finished my conversion and the stock tube I used has a single point sling attachent built into it, with this stock tube I cannot slide the mount onto the rail.......sure I could remove the stock tube, slike it on, then reinstall the stock, but why the heck would i want to do that everytime i need to remove the scope, and dust cover to clean it? So.............does anyone know of any side mounts that attach through a different method than being slid on f
  8. I'm weighing some stock options as you may have seen in my other few threads, and I just want to know if anyone has this stock with the cheek riser. If so, is the ajustable cheek weld sturdy? http://www.midwesthuntersoutlet.com/item.aspx?PID=436444&w=PQ%2BJDyOLrQE%3D Also, will it fit this tube for my Saiga x 39? http://www.makosecurity.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=RBT-K47&Category_Code=_STKS
  9. First off, your aimpoint, and whole setup for that matter, are very nice. Problem is, I'm going with a side mount scope so its not quite as low as the one you have. Sure, I could get a riser for a galil style stock, but I havn't heard much about them and I dont think theyre adjustable so i'm a little hesitant. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm....decisions.....but its ok, this is part of the enjoyment of owning one of these i guess. thanks for the input, im checking ACE out right now
  10. with the US front end, US mags, and US fcg I'm not worried about whether the stock is US. I currently have the russian skeleton stock on it and I'm still compliant so its ok there. The reason I really like it is because I'm worried about my eye height with a non-adjustable cheek weld stock since I have a red dot. Currently the skeleton stock is awesome bc it has a flip up cheek piece that puts my eye on line, like i said, with the converson i'm just concerned I wont find a good collapsible stock with the same option....do you know any american made stock ends that will fit to the tube i pic
  11. I know AK ammo is cheap so this may not be a huge concern for everyone, but I bought a sightmark laser bore for 7.62x39 and I was super pleased with it. Its useful for making sure your optics are still on zero after everytime you clean the rifle if you have a traditional side mount optic that has to come off to remove dust cover. I put it in the bore and adjusted my red dot to it one night in the darkened hallway of my house (about 35ft). The next day when I shot the rifle put the first two shots in a 1/2in group at about 50 yards. The group was only off bulls eye by a couple inches, I adj
  12. I already have a tapco quad rail and stubby vert grip, but now i'm moving on to the full conversion. I've attached some links to the parts I plan on using, lemme know what you think..... http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-713/SAIGA-RIFLE-TRIGGER-GROUP/Detail http://www.makosecurity.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=RBT-K47&Category_Code=_STKS http://www.midwesthuntersoutlet.com/item.aspx?PID=436444&w=PQ%2BJDyOLrQE%3D It might be a little while before I get the parts in and get the work done, but I'll play the picture post game
  13. So the Tapco G2 trigger assembly for conversions, despite being mostly approved of, still requires some modifications and grinding from what I hear. What other drop-in trigger conversions are out there that require zero modifications for a saiga 7.62? I was looking at the tromix FCG conversion, but then I realized they were selling it for saiga shotguns.... ALSO... I'm looking for a collapsible stock with an adjustable cheek weld for scope use kinda like the ATI strikeforce except I do not want a folder.... If anyone has some suggestions I would appreciate it, links to
  14. Beautiful, the picture is very helpful since I dont have my own rifle readily accessible right now, thanks
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