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  1. Just finished converting mine yesterday. Got all my parts from CSS! Now to buy more mags and pick up some non essential parts (barrel attachments, etc).
  2. Bump for more comments, I'm interested in everyone's feedback as well!
  3. Very nice! What is that little optic you used?
  4. Conversion date set for this coming Wednesday!

  5. Thanks a lot for your quality "shopping" experience. 5% discount, simple yet fast shipping, and quality parts. I just placed another decent sized order from you and look forward to receiving it. I've been so busy with work and school that I haven't had time to convert my S12 yet, so I figured why not buy pretty much everything else I want and put it all on at once. I have some time off coming up and that'll be the perfect time to do this!
  6. Damn, I already ordered my Tromix stock back in January. Haven't put it on yet but I do really like the look of your new one here! What a predicament I have here....
  7. Thanks for the discount and prompt shipping. I will be ordering more parts soon!!!
  8. Good luck Mike. I know how much effort it takes running your own small business so just keep your nose to the grindstone and stay the course. Stuff will get done in good time.
  9. Was this part fairly easy to install yourself? I am looking to order a bunch of stuff from CSS and would like to do as much of it myself as I can.
  10. I'm a giant dork with a love for guns, the old west, and similar things. One of my favorite movies is tombstone and with a spin on my last name I use a misspelling of Doc Holiday. Dok Holidae is what I've been using sometimes and I just took the nerdom up a step and switched the vowels with numbers.
  11. Never mind...did the "bright idea" thing and used the search function. Kushna=plastic piece of crap!
  12. Speaking of bullpups...anyone have any experience with this thingamajig???? http://www.defensereview.com/kushnapup-series-v-bullpup-saiga-12-semi-auto-12-gauge-shotgun-stockchassis-system/
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