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  1. Hey all ,I just got back on and hope be on more regularly..... was not even sure if I could still log in. I see the old guard are still here, G3,Dinzag,Gunrunner,etc... hop all of you guys are doing well or better! Now that we can get S12's into this worthless ass libtard broken state-PRKali- I am back to snoop on all your guys new stuff and hopefully I can get another S12..... Since I have been gone I have rewelded a Bren, Making a CETME 'K'(like a HK51)-but still have a ways to go,not sure if it will run....and working on a couple other items... Anyway it is great to see the
  2. I will take some pics and try to get them up tonight/tomorrow asap. Thanks Cobra-glad to see you are still here--after some of the past crap. I think I saw you on the AK files?--you on there now? I am 'DisgruntledReaper' on there..I was a bit pissed(upset and buzzed) when I joined there and hence the name. SW44-thanks I will have a look...
  3. Hi Guys been gone for a while and I have a couple questions I hope you guys can help me with regarding status. 1. I would like to know what is going on with the AGP 10 rd mags? Everyone is out,they are back ordered....ARE they still available?? I would like to get a couple/few with my tax refund check.. 2. I have posted an issue i am having with my S12 and may be looking to buy a spare complete bolt and carrier assy. Is Tantal still the place to go? CAN I order parts from out of the US? I would like to get another S12 at some point but given the $$ and where I live ,that is basical
  4. Thanks I looked at the links but I still am concerned since you said yours does not have any 'peened' or 'diveted' sections-if i read right. Mine has the worn spots /issue spots RIGHT where the machined rotational/cam cuts are don, so the bolt rides in the slots then right where it should rotate smoothly into battery it hangs up. This even happens when there is no mag in it,so any issues of rubbing against or mag interference is removed. Hey Tony,Dinzag,Cobra,Indy,any of you other modders out there,can you give me your input also? I guess I could ship the bolt and carrier but not the whole
  5. Hi Guys, been too long since I have been on the forum. Hey I have a question or issue. My S12 bolt seems to 'hang up' at the point where it rotates to lock up i.e. if I DO NOT let it slam shut like normal and try to slow it with the hand it hits a point where I have to smack the back of the charge handle to get it to go into battery. I have disassembled the bolt and carrier and from what I see there are a couple areas where the metal has been 'dished or diveted' in the machined camming slots. I have tried to smooth the burrs and stuff to relieve the issue because if I 'hand manipulate' th
  6. ....'Bad Karma to Finger of God.....Bad Karma to Finger of God ,over....'This is Finger of God,go head........Finger of God ,this is Bad Karma--call for fire,call for fire..over......Bad Karma,fire incoming,over.........Pattern is good ,repeat, pattern is good-over.....Bad Karma to Finger of God,fire for effect, repeat fire for effect...over........
  7. I agree, kill them all, better to remove them from the gene pool......period. I whole heartedly support the removal of all illegals along with their anchor babies and the execution of all the illegal crimigrants that now infest this land........ If possible we need to be along the border and show them where the border is with a red line in the sand...and mine fields, roving patrols of American Citizens who are defending the country from threats without and within--it is our mandate as stated in the Constitution..
  8. I just did a peek on this thread and I have to say.....DUUUUDE!!!!!!!!!! That looks like it would be bitchin, I would love to have 1 for my S12 -MIX SLUG,00,AND ?? AND GET TO CHOOSE?! How cool is that. But what mods would need to be done to feed the belt,or does the round get stripped before it hits the feedramp/feedlips? Oh-if it is ok, I printed the drawing to frame and just discretely frame and hang on the wall-along with my WW2 German jet plane plans (originals) I bought... Gotta love that stuff,makes the room look like a mad scientist rumpus room! If it is not cool let me know
  9. Hey Cobra,just checked this thread, I will be sending off a check this coming week for like 20 bucks and go from there. Probably do another in december,etc....want to see what 'lag time' will be between sending it and my name showing/status changed to contributor..
  10. You mean Dept of INJUSTICE. I can post all the insidious plain english crap on this and what FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS they FORCIBLY made you give up as well as them violating. Let me know and I will post. There goes my baboon ass getting red on this again..
  11. double post some how-deleted and sorry. Cannot seem to delete post...WTH!?!?
  12. Hey topMaul, How much for one of those lowers?? Can you make a 'FUCK ISLAM 15' and engrave the selector markings as 'Whew' and 'shtf' , I would really be interested in one depending on $$ and the leadtime for it. I applaud your endeavor! Can you pm me on the details?? Please.
  13. I also believe IF bill 1022 passes and they try widespread enforcement/door kick downs, there will be MORE than '1022's' firing BACK.
  14. I would at least get a good AR receiver for about $100-130 and then get a lower parts kit and buttstock,then you can pic an upper at your leisure. I built up an M4-gery carbine on a LAR receiver and it worked great-then I sold it for a CAI FN/L1A1. I miss the little thing.. I have 1 more AR receiver and will be buying a kit from Model 1 or M&A-trying to get a 16" Dissipator barrel and a car retract stock setup. Of course being here in Kommiefornia I have to have a 'fixed 10 rd mag' but that is easy to do and rectify when needed. Also since the mag is 'fixed' I can then have all the 'ev
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