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    Saiga 410

    I have seen Saiga .410's selling for a bit above $400.00, generally speaking. That price is still not horrible, but I am not sure if I want a .410 shotgun.
  2. I suppose that this NATO ammunition is interchangeable, given that I did not even have to adjust my M1A's scope when I changed from a magazine loaded with German 7.62X51 to one loaded with Portuguese 7.62X51. I may eventually get some Radway Green 7.62X51 myself, given its good reputation.
  3. I have not had any issues with them, but then again, I have only purchased ammunition from them online.
  4. I have not used any of this ammunition, but I have read that it is some of the best 7.62X51mm surplus available. I may have to try it out sometime (so far, I have been using German and Portuguese surplus 7.62X51).
  5. This is good advice. In fact, my anti-virus/spyware program (Webroot) has repeatedly shown me warnings when visiting that website. I am fond of the information at that site, but I have shied away from it as of late due to all of the warnings I have received from my anti-virus/spyware program.
  6. ODGreenThumb seems to be the only one experiencing the anomaly of keyoling with a Saiga 5.45 (normally, this is what some Century 5.45 guns do), so I would not worry about this. Saiga rifles are made in the same plant that produces AK's for the Russian military, so the quality is definitely up there. My Saiga 5.45 occasionally jammed without a bullet guide, but I installed a bullet guide from CSS, and the gun now works flawlessly. Apparently, some jam, some don't. But then again, given their inexpensive nature, I think it is inexcusable not to install a bullet guide just to be safe (t
  7. The fact that you called a major capitalist corporation "Wal-Marx" never stops making me laugh. Will you call privatization a form of nationalization next? The whole thing about those four boxes being cheaper does not surprise me; I have noticed snack foods being the same way in grocery store (sometimes two smaller packages will cost less in terms of cents per unit as opposed to one bigger package). I live on Target's home turf (Twin Cities), so the Wal-Mart stores around here are the smaller ones that do not sell ammunition.
  8. LOL! Did you take it to court? i hate to say it but he was prob,mad that you had a right to ccw! Well, that and/or the given county in which GREYLUPO was pulled over really needed funds added to its coffers. It is kind of odd how the officer simply shifted to "driving in the carpool lane" after finding out he could not bust the OP with the tinted window.
  9. Congratulations on your AR-15 build. I recently built an AR-15 myself, using a Smith and Wesson M&P 15 lower receiver.
  10. I am not sure if I will go down the SBR road with my Draco, but I really like the look of that gun.
  11. 7N6Wolf


    From the album: 7N6Wolf's Firearms

    I built this AR-15 from a mishmash of parts.
  12. I use an Otis cable and oversized patches (the Otis ones or 12 gauge patches) to clean my 7.62X39mm rifle bores. It typically does not take too much effort to get the barrel shiny so I can see the lands and grooves. I don't bother trying to keep cleaning the gun until the patches come out clean, given that I would be cleaning the gun all day long. Not to mention that overzealous cleaning can do more damage to a bore than any amount of shooting. If it has been sitting for awhile, I would run a bore brush through it and then follow up with patches. But still, don't expect the patches to
  13. This only seems shocking to some at first glance, but if you really think about it, his so-called porn can't be considered porn by our standards:
  14. I have heard good things about the Rock River AR's, but I have decided to go down the route of building an AR-15 with a mishmash of parts. I just need to get a buffer tube assembly, a butt-stock, and a rear sight to finish my build.
  15. He must have been using a gun built by Century Arms.
  16. Older ones are eights or something like that. The Mi-17 is an export designation of the upgraded variant (the Russians call it the Mi-8MT). It is pretty easy to differentiate between the two, visually speaking - The Mi-8 Hip has the tail rotor on the starboard side, while the Mi-17 has the tail rotor on the port side and has dust shields (like the ones you see on so many Mi-24 Hinds) on the front of the tuboshafts.
  17. I seriously doubt that North Korea could even afford the fuel it would take to get to the US. The original Red Dawn was so stupid I laughed my ass off at it. Perhaps the new one will be worth seeing someday merely for amusement, as the former was.
  18. Ford turning out problematic vehicles is nothing new. Hell, a co-worker is a former Ford mechanic and he says to stay away from Ford cars. One of the cooks at the district in which I work bought a Ford of some sort (a Taurus, I think) brand new and its transmission went out at a mere 68,000 miles. Admittedly, the first vehicle I purchased (as a high school student) was a 1986 Ford Bronco II, and it never gave me any serious issues. Then again, I lived in a small city of 33,000 and I did not drive around that much. I replaced it with something a bit nicer in the Spring of 2005 (1995
  19. Not counter bored. Without the bolt tool i cant take it completely apart, but I boiled the bolt and a lot came out. And no Oiler either!!!! Arik-- I also used some dawn dish soap in the water, ate it off nicely. When it came to cosmoline removal, I never bothered disassembling the bolts of any of my SKS's and Mosin-Nagants. I just sprayed a fair deal of Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber down the firing pin hole and it removed the stuff to my satisfaction. To date, I have not had a single slamfire or any other issue with any of these rifles. Come to think of it, the only time I
  20. That PSL is definitely impressive. The factory pencil barrel is what turned me away from the PSL (I decided to mount a scope on my M1A instead).
  21. This particular gun seems to defy Century's reputation of making junk guns. I may have to pick one of these up someday. Sure, the Czech made model is closer to the real thing, but I am not going to pay $800+ for one of those when the primary difference is a chrome lined bore in the Czech model. I am fine with my Springfield M1A, which is not as close to the real thing as a Fulton Armory M14, but then again, I did not have to shell out a lot of extra money for it I will probably go the same route with a VZ-58 type rifle. I could have already gotten one of these rifles if it were not f
  22. As far as I can tell, the Herters 7.62X39mm ammo is the same thing as Wolf - the bullet weights and Cabela's description of the ammo are identical. I have not had any problems with the Herters 7.62X39mm, but I have had several duds of Herters (the steel cased stuff, not the brass cased stuff) 9X19mm ammo.
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