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  1. Okaraider

    Mag Id

    Is there any way to tell 223 from 5.45 promags. A local shop has but they do not seem to be marked? Im looking tor the 223 version.
  2. Okaraider

    S12 Rear Sight

    Uy broken gas tube lugs sounds like a nightmare!! Everything seems tight and in tact so I don't think ill try the punch again. I might try the dremel and if that does not work maybe ill move towards a new sight. Dave M which sight did you replace it with?
  3. Okaraider

    S12 Rear Sight

    Ok so I want to drift the rear sight on my S12. I tried a punch and hammer but it will not move? Im not wailing on it but I would have thought it would budge. I already soaked it in oil. Am I missing something?
  4. Okaraider

    Are Tapco's buttstocks good to go?

    I put one on my S308 and took it off. I did not like how the trigger felt in relation to the Pgrip.
  5. Okaraider

    223 Questions

    First are the 223 or are they rated for 5.56? Second is it true that with many Saiga 223s you dont need a bullet guide when converting? Last do you need to cut a P grip hole on all Saiga 223s or do some have them already? Thanks
  6. Okaraider

    Is it me or is there a problem?

    The stock is right up against the tang. I think IM going to call RAA back and see if they will fix it? Thanks Oka
  7. Okaraider

    Conversion problem

    Putting the hammer back in can be a real, need 3 arms and 4 hands experience and I think the way the spring can slide all the way around the hammer sometimes spazes people out.
  8. Okaraider

    Some basic .308 recommends?

    I found a local stash of PMP Port and it is a little dirty I think but shoots great.
  9. Okaraider

    Handguard recommendation

    Super Tactical I got the Tapco one from CSS, It came in 2 days. I like it personally.
  10. Okaraider

    Picked up another S308

    Which Rotozip do you use and what attachments? Thanks
  11. Okaraider

    Picked up another S308

    Hay what size do you use? Thanks
  12. Okaraider

    Is it me or is there a problem?

    Who is Cadiz Gun Works? This one shoots pretty straight.
  13. Okaraider

    Is it me or is there a problem?

    Ya no wobble. It goes in tight just a little crooked. Is there any change being out of line like this will damage something? The Stock? Is it something to send it in for?
  14. Okaraider

    Is it me or is there a problem?

    I for one do not see anything wrong, but again those are not the best pics...... So what is wrong with her??? The stock seems to veer to the right (Left in the pics).
  15. Okaraider

    Is it me or is there a problem?

    I called RAA when I got the gun and they where very cordial. Infact they wanted me to send the gun in. But I thought forsure it was the stock and they said they would send me another stock. . But over Christmas I tried another stock and It sure looks now like it is the gun? Tell me if you see anything? Just wanted a second opinion before I call them again.