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    Saiga 12 disrespect

    I had to LOL at the part where it "Took a chunk out of "his hand. I remember that like it was yesterday. Like a GD meat slicer. I sucked it up when it shaved a chunk out of my knuckle... but the SECOND slice in the same spot made my eyes water. LOL.
  2. In case anyone doesn't know... Spindrift is the deviation in a projectiles path created by the SPIN, which causes it to drift.
  3. Spindrift

    What iron sights are you using?

    Done deal. That was almost too easy. Can't wait to get back to the range now. THANKS KREBS!
  4. Spindrift

    What iron sights are you using?

    I went to the range with the Krebs front sight on, to see how it shot using the factory iron rear sight. Remington 2 3/4" sluggers shoot about 6" low at 100 yards. Raining today so decided to play with it some more. Took the lions share of the sight out with a bench grinder, then got bright light on it to finish the cut off with a dremel. Wimped out towards the end for fear of cutting too deep. So I took a 1/4" steel chisel and hammer and gave some medium hard hits front and rear. This bent the sight in on itself so a few gentle taps from the side drove it right out in one piece. Way back when I did auto body work, I remember we used to put new ball joints in the freezer when we had to change them. Then heat up the A frame with a torch, and the ball joint would almost fall in. SO, I have the new Krebs ghost sight in the freezer, and the Saiga sitting in front of the wood stove. Hopefully this baby will go together in a little while, and I'll have her right on at 100 yards.
  5. Spindrift

    What iron sights are you using?

    Thanks. Found this guy. Wanted a second opinion. Goin out to the garage with the Dremel now. I knew this was gonna be one of those days when I found my truck windows down this morning after it poured cats n dogs all night. : ) Thanks for the help, MUCH appreciated. I hate breaking things.
  6. Spindrift

    What iron sights are you using?

    Front sight went on easily. I'm trying to remove the factory rear, and it doesn't seem like I should have to beat it this hard, but it's not moving at all. I peek underneath looking at a light and can see right through, so I'm guessing there's no lock screw from beneath it. Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas, ridicule cuz I'm a simpleton?
  7. Spindrift

    What iron sights are you using?

    OK now I'm REALLY impressed. Showed up at my door today. I'll be doing more business there. Thanks brotha.
  8. Spindrift

    Anyone use grease on the bolt carrier/frame rail?

    Chain saw, bar oil, has an additive to make it cling to surfaces. I suspect dirt is going to get into whatever is used, but bar oil is as clingy and less thick than grease.
  9. Spindrift

    What iron sights are you using?

    Whoa! These guys rock! Already been SHIPPED!
  10. I'm hesitant to modify mine at all, because we might be getting the laws changed here in assachusetts soon where as I'll be able to have a pistol grip AND a detachable mag on a shotgun. Makes me feel SO special! Thanks to G O A L for that possible law change, and curses to Mitt Romney for executing the assault weapons ban in MA.
  11. Spindrift

    What iron sights are you using?

    Thanks brother. Saved seven bucks and got express shipping instead of regular ground. You'd think people would be happy selling a product without jacking up the shipping costs.
  12. Spindrift

    What iron sights are you using?

    Jeez! Krebs wants 15 bucks just to ship that little thing. Anyone know who else sells their ghost ring?
  13. Spindrift

    Remove factory stock problem

    Wow. Quick response team! Thanks. I think I lost 5 pounds wrestling with the bastid on the floor.
  14. Spindrift

    Remove factory stock problem

    OK wtf! I can dismantle and rebuild an entire 870 Rem., or and entire car, but I can't get this freaking stock off! I'm looking at the blown up diagram, and not sure if it showes 2 screws on top or not. I only see one on top and one on bottom on the actual gun. I took them both out and pushed, pulled, pried, twisted, wiggled and banged, and the fkr won't come loose! I pulled the receiver cover off, don't see anything in there. I don't want to break anything so I'm not going ape on it. I want to see if I can design and build a stock that will be legal in the arsehole states like CA CT and MA. with and without moving the trigger. I'm off to a bad start
  15. Spindrift

    20 Rd Drum FAQs

    OK. It took me a looong time to come up with the FINAL ANSWER. Long story short. If you get caught with a Saiga with anything over a 5 round mag in assachusetts you are SCREWED. It is ILLEGAL. The 5 round mag IS the high capacity mag you can have with a Class A or B concealed carry permit. I wish it were different, but that's the dumb ass law.