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  1. What type of files do yinz use and where can I get it at?
  2. Okay I shot my Saiga 12 a couple of times now and I'm ready to start putting some money in it. Right now I'm looking for: elevated sight, muzzle break, folding stock, & stick magazines. I don't know what type of sights to get, I want a cool looking muzzle break that will make quick work of door, I want a stock that looks good and folds, and I want some magazines but I don't know if I should get 8 or 12 round. What should I do?
  3. The title basically explains it all. I want to put a folding stock on my S-12 but I don't know which one is best. Which ones should I be looking at?
  4. I was reading somewhere on here that it might not feed ammo well at first. How can I prevent this without breaking the bank? Somebody said something like use high brass.
  5. What should I use to file down the drum mag with? I want to do it soon.
  6. I allipied some pressure and the factory magazine fits now. I'm about to try to file the drum mag down some. What should I use?
  7. The factory mag has the same number on it as the gun and it still doesn't fit.
  8. Thanks for the help everybody. I own ARs and AKs. It seems like the problem is that the mag release isn't going over the edge of the magazine. The drum mag is ProMag. What should I use to file down the mags?
  9. I was at a gun show today and I ran across a Saiga 12 and I bought it. I wanted a Saiga for a while but I don't really know too much about them. The one I got has a 19" barrel. The reason I'm regretting my decision is because the factory magazine that came with it doesn't lock in and either does the drum mag I bought for it. It's pretty embarassing when your showing somebody your new gun and the magazine doesn't fit properly. Another thing I don't really like is that it seems like you need to have the reciever open to put a loaded magazine in. Can somebody help me out before I get too mad?
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