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  1. Iam not sure if he sis still around but i picked up my used Bulgy parts from member MarkW1 before.
  2. This idea seems cool. Lets you know your empty instead of waiting for the click. I would think it would feel different too seeing as how the bolt isnt slamming forward.
  3. Be careful, it is a really soft wood and gets banged up pretty easy. A buddy of mine had a set and switched to polymer after awhile.
  4. Go featureless. Its the only way that actually makes sense.
  5. Looking to get lucky and find a FSE Aluminum triangle stock. Pic for example.
  6. Good to hear its common. Wasnt really worried, just curious. Thanks guys.
  7. 7 out of 8 Circle 21 mags i picked up form Rguns have this whole right under the front lip. Is this a common place for the polymer to crack or weaken?
  8. These still have the scratched out importer marks? Those dam former RAC guns just wont go away.
  9. But if its corrosive throw some water down the barrel and gas block before regular cleaning.
  10. I personally like the chinese style since they dont have the rib in the back. I think i got mine for 10 or 12 bucks each.
  11. I had to file down the butstock inner walls a bit for mine to fit.
  12. Bolt Hold open feature. Pull bolt back, puch button up, let bolt go slowly while holding button up into teh receiver. And voila! a useless feature.
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