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  1. The RS Regulate side mounts have gross windage adjustment in the design to allow perfect centering.
  2. Great question. The AK-310 and upcoming AK-311 are indeed lower than their respective AK-303 and AK-301 lowers. They all do fit and lock up perfectly on any side rail, but the main issue comes in when you add the upper optic mounts. The AK-310 and AK-311 will NOT work on a Saiga as they put the optic in the same place as the dust cover on a Saiga. You must use the AK-301/302/303 family for this application. They will put the optic just on top of the dust cover. In this case I would recommend the AK-303 or AK-302 Lower with the AKR upper for the Eotech. I personally would use
  3. The PRO is awesome. The included mount is good to go, but as always - lots of options if you want a change.
  4. I've never seen a super in 27", but I have seen regular VEPR's in 27". They look super goofy to me.
  5. The reason the mount has a bit of top cover standoff is that not every rifle has the same dust cover to optic space. The PA micro has a thicker base and smaller internal viewable tube than the Aimpoint, and as you correctly surmised, surgery would be required to make that change.
  6. I have not specifically tried the Vortex, but I know the Leatherwood CMR works great with a pair of AKM rings. It is a bit far back for my tastes, but others don't choke up to the rifle as much and they like it fine.
  7. Looks like with shorter rings you could get it lower a bit. If you have any AK-300 questions let me know - happy to answer them.
  8. Krebs Vepr rail that will be on the market withing a week or so. The upper part comes off so you can still field strip the rifle to properly clean it.
  9. I'm not sure I understand your question. It's a gun, it will shoot as long as you pull the trigger each time. How hot it gets is irrelevant. The Vepr is a sporterized RPK in various calibers. It can and has been de-sporterized successfully any number of ways. In the case of the 54R models, this is purely cosmetic. The base rifle has no easy way of accepting anything but single stack magazines. This precludes heavy sustained fire use as the maximum you can shoot through it is 11 rounds before switching magazines. The Vepr reciever is standard RPK 1.6mm thickness, the Vepr has
  10. Low capacity magazines really helps with overheating. Unfortunately.
  11. True. I built it to be able to feed/use surplus, but most of its diet will eventually be hand loads or a particularly good factory load etc.
  12. I am sure most people build them for accuracy, but here is my take on the modernized Kalashnikov DMR. Accuracy is still TBD as essentially all I have done was function test it before it went out for cerakoting, but my goal is an honest 2MOA at 6-800m
  13. Regrettably I don't even have the rifle yet. I got to shoot it at the Big 3 East Media event where Marc was showing off the DMR concept (his is in .308) and his new KV-13. Short answer: don't know yet. Long answer: We'll see.
  14. A couple more pics: Surefire was very helpful when setting the rifle up to run with a can. We went with the SOCOM 7.62RC because the 54R out of the 18.5" barrel would be excessive for the 7.62 Mini. Magpul helped us get the PRS Stock so that the shooter could properly and repeatedly get aligned with the rifle. This is a notorious family issue with the Kalashnikov. Had to return the NF NXS Compact after the media event, so now the rifle wears a Vortex Viper PST. Currently the rifle has Warne rings, but I am looking for a better alternative. Anyone have suggestions?
  15. After working for several years on the AKS dual 30mm ring mount and finding more problems than answers, we decided to move forward and produce the AKR Picatinny Mount. The AKR allows the mounting of any 1913 optics and would not restrict the user to a straight 30mm tube optic or to optics of a specific range of eye relief. By making the AKR part of the AK-300 Modular Side Mount family we have multiple points of improvement, especially compared to the fixed AKS designs we had been working with. The AKR is truly modular. Not only do you retain the ability to place the optic directl
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