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  1. cbryan

    VLTOR RE-47 AK Tube

    PM inbound
  2. Just ordered another saiga and am wondering when you will get these in for purchase again. Thanks, Cory
  3. cbryan

    Latest from MSA

    Well i guess this information is only for the people of facebook not just everyone that would buy from MSA Well i guess this information is only for the people of facebook not just everyone that would buy from MSA
  4. cbryan

    Where to Buy

    where is a good place to get these currently? I'm hoping for the decent price of $579 or there abouts, will I have to wait for the next shipment to see prices like this?
  5. cbryan

    S223 conversion with AR mag well

    That looks like the Renegade Buck adapter, it only requires a little metal removal to allow the AR mag to seat and feed properly.
  6. cbryan

    Looking for Renegade Buck

    I would try this email :renegadebuck@gmail.com he left it on his profile for this site.
  7. cbryan

    WTB: SAIGA 7.62 FACTORY handguard

    if you send me a box with a return label (so I dont have to pay to send it back) I have one that I will give you.
  8. cbryan

    WTB vented stock saiga 7.62 handguard

    I believe that Cobra 76 two a member on this forum does handguards like this. I would try and PM him, you may have to wait as he seems to have a lot on his plate, but he may have one laying around that he may sell you
  9. cbryan

    MAGPUL Stocks for Saiga 223?

    Sure if you buy a voltor or caa AR adapter tube you can! I highly recommend the voltor one, it just looks built better in my opinion
  10. I have one of these http://magnoliastatearmory.com/products-page/flashlights-and-lasers/tk11/ , they are really nice lights that are extremely bright but also offer different modes. I also have a surefire and I would say that the Fenix is my favorite.
  11. cbryan

    Saig 12 and 2rd Mag

    Hey everybody! I'm looking for a saiga-12 with a little bit longer barrel 22" or 24" with chokes, it doesn't have to be convereted, but if it is thats ok too! I am also looking for a 2 round magazine so that I could use the gun to hunt in Ohio. I know that this isn't a "cheap gun" but I also know that its not worh over $700 in an un-converted state. Thanks in advance! - cbryan