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  1. Just ordered another saiga and am wondering when you will get these in for purchase again. Thanks, Cory
  2. Well i guess this information is only for the people of facebook not just everyone that would buy from MSA Well i guess this information is only for the people of facebook not just everyone that would buy from MSA
  3. cbryan

    Where to Buy

    where is a good place to get these currently? I'm hoping for the decent price of $579 or there abouts, will I have to wait for the next shipment to see prices like this?
  4. That looks like the Renegade Buck adapter, it only requires a little metal removal to allow the AR mag to seat and feed properly.
  5. I Proposed, She Said YES! I couldn't be happier!

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      Congrats! Now buy all the guns you can before you're married and have to "discuss" all purchases.

  6. I would try this email :renegadebuck@gmail.com he left it on his profile for this site.
  7. if you send me a box with a return label (so I dont have to pay to send it back) I have one that I will give you.
  8. I believe that Cobra 76 two a member on this forum does handguards like this. I would try and PM him, you may have to wait as he seems to have a lot on his plate, but he may have one laying around that he may sell you
  9. Sure if you buy a voltor or caa AR adapter tube you can! I highly recommend the voltor one, it just looks built better in my opinion
  10. I have one of these http://magnoliastatearmory.com/products-page/flashlights-and-lasers/tk11/ , they are really nice lights that are extremely bright but also offer different modes. I also have a surefire and I would say that the Fenix is my favorite.
  11. Hey everybody! I'm looking for a saiga-12 with a little bit longer barrel 22" or 24" with chokes, it doesn't have to be convereted, but if it is thats ok too! I am also looking for a 2 round magazine so that I could use the gun to hunt in Ohio. I know that this isn't a "cheap gun" but I also know that its not worh over $700 in an un-converted state. Thanks in advance! - cbryan
  12. By chance did you get the modified G2? the modified one has some material removed from the hammer so that the OEM BHO lever works, if you got the regular one it could just be a little too much friction for the gas system to overcome. There are pictures that show the difference between the modified and standard ones so you maybe able to fix your problem that way.
  13. Along the lines of the MSA and AR 15 magazine LRBHO, this is already being pursued as a unit with the release of the BASTARD system from MSA. I could only assume that MSA could modify their design to make a LRBHO for their own AR Mag Adapter (Link here for your consideration http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/64486-bastard/ ). I like the idea of making it for the standard mag. everybody has one of those and it maybe cross platform (i.e. .223, 5.45, and 7.62). That's just my cents
  14. I know that Bohound has done this, I think it required the adapter to also be modified to continue to use the BG.
  15. Why find out? Take it out and have fun!
  16. i'm not one of those guys big on SHTF day, but I think I would try and contact Nathan in the MSA forum to be sure what you want to do will work. I think it should work but better to be safe than sorry.
  17. i believe that you could do that if you wished too, the only problem would be that you could only use modified magazines. That is probably not an issue for you, but I would want to use any AR magazine that I find in my gun.
  18. there is a BP02 for sale in the WTS/WTT section for $50 shipped
  19. Well, I don`t have that ... mine is rock solid . I think that you should be fine for accuracy at any range that you set it up, remember it is a red dot so there is already some variance right there.
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