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  1. I have two 80% lowers on order from a group buy on Northeastshooters.com for green members @ $75 each. We also set up Build Parties so that everyone can get their lower finished. I would like to purchase a jig from them too but funds are tight right now. Malodave
  2. Saw some MD drums for sale over on arfcom for $185-300. I f I could have replied to the offer I would have let them know that MDArms is selling them for only $125. Malodave
  3. I got my 5 drums at Mike's first sale at $80 each. I don't have the extra cash right now to get anymore. I did pick up 8 more Pmags at the local gunshow last Saturday for $20 each. Other dealers had them marked at $65 each and some people were still buying them. Malodave
  4. They also Have a 18" version on their website. Cost of either barrel is $329 on website $250 on gunbroker. I almost want to see if they would make one at a length to fit a GK-01 to come out to 18 inches to be legal with out a tax stamp or wait. Malodave
  5. What forearm is on the one second from the bottom? And is the bottom rail to MIL-STD-1913 specs? I only ask because I have a Grip Pod that will only fit on a Picatinny Rail and found out the hard way it wson't fit on a Weaver rail. That is a SGM Tri-rail. I have used it on my Saiga also. Malodave
  6. I had A similar experience: I got a Delay and then a Denial. Sent an online letter to the FBI to find out what was up. The Response: "Fugitive from Justice" Nothing else, no info about who, what, when, or where. They told me I would have to prove I am the person on the warrant before I could get more info from the FBI. I tried for two months to get my fingerprints rolled at the local PD. They were always too busy to fit me in. I am one exit from the police station and would take me all of 5 minutes to get there. So, one day I got pulled over for a lane change without signaling. This
  7. Wouldn't it give Mass/NY/NJ cops probable cause to search your vehicle because you might have guns, ammo, or components in there? This is why I don't have any. Just the same if you had a Pot Leaf sticker they would be looking for drugs. Malodave
  8. She did look smaller in the other photos I saw of her before the shoot. When she showed up at the studio that is what I had to work with. I have a better one to work with my Saiga, I was hoping for some snow this year so I can shoot the concept. Now I have to wait for this winter. Malodave
  9. The CMP program has Service Grade M1s for $625 + shipping: http://www.odcmp.com...es/m1garand.htm Also the 87,000 Korean era ones should be back in the states soon. They will be sold through the CMP program. Malodave
  10. They could have come to me. I am a photographer in Nashua, NH. http://photocamel.co...7-malodave.html http://www.modelmayhem.com/10265 Malodave Some of my Gun Pron:
  11. I would try to make it like my Glock Mag Loader, Just up sized to fit the Saiga 12 Mags/Drums Similar to these:
  12. Welcome to the ALL-SCREWED-UP CLUB !!!! Did mine in a motorcycle accident when someone cut me off at 15 MPH. 900 pound bike came down on my leg. Malodave
  13. I opened 3 of my 4 ports from 0.067" to 0.078" I still have the auto plug screwed almost all the way in with a booster puck to boot. I think I am still somewhat undergassed but it will shoot anything I throw into it. I may pull the gas block again this weekend and open them up to 0.093" That should make it perfect. Malodave
  14. Now you did it!!! I have to buy 3 more Saigas to make one of those. Malodave
  15. I picked this one up from CSS. It works with all my mags and drums. http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-497/SAIGA-12-RAM-S12XC/Detail Malodave
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