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  1. ewoketeer

    80% ??

    If you have the machinist's drawings for the trunnions, you could, theoretically, make your own,,,
  2. ewoketeer

    80% ??

    Best case for that sort of thing would be a flat plate cut to shape with various holes cut/drilled, which you would then fold for your base receiver, then add trunnions, rails, and other items to finish your receiver. I remember seeing those plates at various gun shows back in the day...
  3. ewoketeer


    To YOT. In one of the first articles for this sg, The writer of the article let one of the more accomplished shooters try it and he shot a perfect score. His response was "I want one!"
  4. ewoketeer


    In the Serial number after the alpha, the first 2 digits are the last 2 of the year of manufacture. For instance, mine starts H02... . Hope this helps.
  5. ewoketeer

    Shorten a 24" Barrel

    Pedal2Alloy: While it sounds neat to refer to this shotty as a 12 gauge AK47, it is better to call it a 12 gauge Kalashnikov, so as not to panic the sheeple as they have been indoctrinated by the socialists (left). Also, IIRC, thanks to the '86 GOPA rider by Tom Foley, no more select fire/full-auto wpns are allowed in civilian hands that weren't already there. It's one of the reasons we were able to successfully Ex-Foley-ate Washington...
  6. ewoketeer

    Bottoming out the "op rod", OAL questions...

    I have one of the CSS pucks and I've found it does, indeed, help with cycling. Two or three years ago, Pauly wrote that he had found the puck to increase reliability, with the nipple toward the op rod. When you install the puck with the nipple toward the op rod, it rests against the op rod and there is no play (rock the shotty back and forth (muzzle up then down) with a regular puck. You can feel and hear the puck move. Then swap it out for the CSS puck and rock it back and forth--you will feel or hear nothing. When the shotty is fired, the puck shoves, rather than strikes, the op rod, making for a longer push. In fact, it was Pauly's write up that decided the issue for me as far as acquiring one for my own use!
  7. ewoketeer

    M22x.75 tap

    Observation and experience-my dad's a machinist...
  8. ewoketeer

    M22x.75 tap

    I've thought about making one for my own use. It wouild entail making a threading blank out of the appropriate tool steel, after removing the hardness out of it. Thread it, mill the clearing grooves, and re-harden it. Something to that effect...
  9. ewoketeer

    gas puck/plug

    The CSS Performance Puc should be considered, See Paulyski's thread about it. After reading about his findings, I got one and did my own informal check. I got some ammunition that wouldn't cycle with the OEM puc, then changed to the CSS puc. It allowed my S-12 to cycle flawlessly.
  10. ewoketeer

    Demonstrating 600rpm Semi-Auto with a Saiga 12 (Video)

    I kind of wonder about FPS. He pronounced Saiga 'say-ga' rather than 'sigh-ga'. Makes me wonder...
  11. ewoketeer

    S12 mag shortage!

    At this rate, you may have to fabricate your own. It's doable, with a metal brake. Who knows, if you make a decent metal mag, others may want to buy them...
  12. ewoketeer

    Barrel Threading

    A barrel nut will effectively solve the problem. With the nut all the way on the threaded section, screw the brake all the way on to contact the nut, then back off until properly aligned, Tighten nut while holding brake in alignment.
  13. ewoketeer

    Which magazines for HD, and how do you store your S-12?

    This reminds me of an anecdote relayed years ago: A number of experts/afficionados/et al were discussing which was better--the 45 ACP or th 9x19. A retired police chief told them they were all wrong. When he was asked what he preferred, he told them 38 special. when asked why, he replied because he had his on him and the others wer, at the time, unarmed. Rule 1: Have a gun. That being said, my duty sidearm is close at hand when I sleep. Speaking of duty, The RCW (Revised Code of Washington)states that, if a fleeing felon can't be stopped by any other means and I believe the perp will, if not stopped, repeat with as bad or worse, the perp is fair game. Departmental ppolicy says the same thing. However; I wouldn't really want to put it to the test... As far as their being unarmed, in the last 20 years in Seattle, a small group of young men beat a homeless man to death...precedent...
  14. ewoketeer

    Which magazines for HD, and how do you store your S-12?

    In 2 3/4 12ga its 9. 8, not 9. The 000 pellets are 2 per layer; 00 is 3 per layer
  15. ewoketeer

    s12 not cycle cheap ammo

    Rule of Thumb for an S-12 with 19"bbl is 3 ports at .093 (3/32)", 4 at .070"...