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  1. ewoketeer

    New build

    Welcome to the forum. If you're not familiar with the Kalashnikov platform, you have a scope-mount rail on the left side of your shotty. It is common on many variants. If you're so inclined, there are mounts available from the vendors on the home page. I hope this helps. I have one for my optic and I like it as it is a quick-release that keeps the zero. Good luck and have fun!
  2. Are you referring to an angled fore grip? If so, there are many on the market. Another possibility is a multi/5-position vertical fore grip. I hope this helps.
  3. The mod makes the Saiga more user friendly. Check out the pinned thread by Moe Zambeak. Read it completely a couple of times before starting and refer to it throughout the process. Have fun!
  4. You may have to download the mag by 1 round. One round less may take the pressure off enough to prevent round deformation.
  5. I've seen items fail that were 3d printed. You may want to test these magazines for durability before use.
  6. remember to look at the 922r section. While I haven't heard of anyone running afoul of the ATF over these SG's, I don' think you want to be the first. That being said CSS or Carolina Shooters Supply has a performance puck that has a nipple on the piston side. This makes the puck remain in constant contact with the piston instead of rattling. When you fire your shotty the recoil impulse will be longer as the puck shoves rather than strikes the piston. One of the other vendors made the observation that when he had been doing some work on one of this type of shotty, he had left some masking
  7. Welcome to the forum! I had joined a couple of years after having gotten a S-12. I had been looking for a box fed shotgun when I read an article about the Saiga in one of the gun magazines. Some time after having gotten one, I heard about this forum and found a lot of information that is very useful. That being said, you will want to check out the section of the forum regarding 922r. It covers the import laws. It has a parts count that means no more than ten imported parts in the shotgun so you can use magazines that hold more than five rounds. It could be a federal beef, but I haven't he
  8. First, have some idea where you want the vfg to be placed.Then remove the forearm. Use a tape measure or other means to find the center of the bottom of the forearm. Place the forearm where you want it and hold it in place while you use a drill bit the same diameter as the mounting hole in the rail and twist the bit with your hand to mark the forearm to properly center the mark. Use the proper size drillbit to make holes in the forearm. Mount the forearm using blue Loctite in case you want to remove the rail sometime in the future. I hope this helps.
  9. If you're so inclined and haven't done so yet, check out Moe Zambeak's guide to conversion. It's the seventh pinned post and has a lot of good information. When I first got my S12, it was in its original (import) configuration. With the help of his post, I was able to complete the conversion to a configuration that is more user friendly, and, theoretically, won't run afoul of 922r (see the post (pinned) about 922r). It also gave me a better understanding of how it is put together an how it works.
  10. ewoketeer

    80% ??

    If you have the machinist's drawings for the trunnions, you could, theoretically, make your own,,,
  11. ewoketeer

    80% ??

    Best case for that sort of thing would be a flat plate cut to shape with various holes cut/drilled, which you would then fold for your base receiver, then add trunnions, rails, and other items to finish your receiver. I remember seeing those plates at various gun shows back in the day...
  12. To YOT. In one of the first articles for this sg, The writer of the article let one of the more accomplished shooters try it and he shot a perfect score. His response was "I want one!"
  13. ewoketeer


    In the Serial number after the alpha, the first 2 digits are the last 2 of the year of manufacture. For instance, mine starts H02... . Hope this helps.
  14. Pedal2Alloy: While it sounds neat to refer to this shotty as a 12 gauge AK47, it is better to call it a 12 gauge Kalashnikov, so as not to panic the sheeple as they have been indoctrinated by the socialists (left). Also, IIRC, thanks to the '86 GOPA rider by Tom Foley, no more select fire/full-auto wpns are allowed in civilian hands that weren't already there. It's one of the reasons we were able to successfully Ex-Foley-ate Washington...
  15. I have one of the CSS pucks and I've found it does, indeed, help with cycling. Two or three years ago, Pauly wrote that he had found the puck to increase reliability, with the nipple toward the op rod. When you install the puck with the nipple toward the op rod, it rests against the op rod and there is no play (rock the shotty back and forth (muzzle up then down) with a regular puck. You can feel and hear the puck move. Then swap it out for the CSS puck and rock it back and forth--you will feel or hear nothing. When the shotty is fired, the puck shoves, rather than strikes, the op rod, m
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