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  1. saltydecimator

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    yep, i wish they would sell a virgin trunnion so we could do an AWS spets-12 ( https://www.classicfirearms.com/sds-imports-aws-spets-12-gauge-firearm-shotgun/ ).
  2. saltydecimator

    Genesis Arms Gen 12

    noone have one? lets do communism and split cost
  3. seems to me that the shield is thin in the grip area, almost too thin. Me thinks htat would lend well to widening it up a bit in the 2.5 version, and then they could compete with the sig? i mean the sig really isnt that extraordinary, it just has the capacity. kind of a "well, duh!" move, but effective none-the-less. also, i think cz could capitalize on this market. they already have a thin slide, and the frames would lend well to slimming up (the frame strap is wider in the front grip area than the back, where it is only a lil wider than the hammer strut-tube- assy goes. meaning that makes a nice, natural contour, while not being bulky like the beretta... so, if cz would just taake the same gun (75, compact) and slim the grips by 1/3 ish, they would have a real ideal form factor...
  4. hahah, so what should i do next? could you tell from vid if parts are cast or forged? i dont wanna mod too many parts as i assume they would blame shoddy parts on my mod if i ran into warranty issues...
  5. saltydecimator

    Clone comparison

    how many ports and what size? cast or forged bolt/carrier? i have a turk bullpup i just posted about over in Gen .dis., im not sure what i think about it.... i like the veprs LRBHO....
  6. got mine from the funshow yesterday... this my first edited vid with iMovie... thats why its kinda choppy and disjointed... long story long, they copied everything from a sporter saiga, left holes open where scope rail and trigger guard would mount, used small rivets (it seems anyways) and other stuff... $568 out the gunshow door. lil more than i would like to spend but i got impatient... pulled the gun outta chassis, bolted regular ak furniture to it, then profilied the hammer a bit, figured it might be helpful. maybe need more. later i will polish carrier a bit , remove the sharp humps...
  7. less chances of getting perforated fo sho!!! and better conversations with more relaxed atmosphere! can hog all the brass, its glorious!
  8. yep, dave ramsey says the only ship that wont sail is a partnership, cause of lifes rabbit warren of potential problems....
  9. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    apparently they making a 14" mini "other" version now.... for another $100 http://www.stdgun.com/sko-mini/
  10. probably be for folks to do on the individual basis.... i am interested in some guts if folks just want the stock!
  11. seems interesting, not horrible looking machining, and decently priced....
  12. looks kinda funny, but if the guts are drop in replacement saiga parts.....
  13. maybe available now... texasags forum (whatever that is) had a first impressions thread but no internal pics etc https://texags.com/forums/34/topics/2981933
  14. saltydecimator

    Why I do it? Doing custom work on the Saiga 12

    yep i need to get outta the habit of goin over there... im hoping the economy pics up (they say this christmas supposed to be YYYYUUUUUUGE this year for reatialers) and the trump slump disappears, and we get some innovation and stuff we want...
  15. mil better plan well so those shiny lil airplanes dont get wadded up like aluminum foil over there! as far as "whats it worth threads", kinda irrelevant, as local economy is what dictates it... i prefer to list local so i dont have to ship etc, plus the face to face bsing is so much better, i getta big wad-o-cash, they get new toy and vice versus... now, what i dont like is ripping off fellow gun brother folks. or mainly, buyin stuff cheap from "friends" and then reselling it at a high price... doesnt sound like you were doing that, seems like the price was high back then, and hasnt appreciated enough to be worth it to sell for me.... i think the threats from grumpy arent really welcome though guys, thats a big nono? im all for mutual combat being legal, but i dont wanna be party with crazys driving across country to sabotage cars/houses/boats etc...