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  1. saltydecimator

    Why I do it? Doing custom work on the Saiga 12

    yep i need to get outta the habit of goin over there... im hoping the economy pics up (they say this christmas supposed to be YYYYUUUUUUGE this year for reatialers) and the trump slump disappears, and we get some innovation and stuff we want...
  2. mil better plan well so those shiny lil airplanes dont get wadded up like aluminum foil over there! as far as "whats it worth threads", kinda irrelevant, as local economy is what dictates it... i prefer to list local so i dont have to ship etc, plus the face to face bsing is so much better, i getta big wad-o-cash, they get new toy and vice versus... now, what i dont like is ripping off fellow gun brother folks. or mainly, buyin stuff cheap from "friends" and then reselling it at a high price... doesnt sound like you were doing that, seems like the price was high back then, and hasnt appreciated enough to be worth it to sell for me.... i think the threats from grumpy arent really welcome though guys, thats a big nono? im all for mutual combat being legal, but i dont wanna be party with crazys driving across country to sabotage cars/houses/boats etc...
  3. well, i cheated, as i had the iz-332 info already, so a combo of google tracking my usernames and having the model number already was the golden ticket
  4. now, he does have a point, being rude is not necessary, we come here for the collective knowledge exchange. but it seems like most forums follow the same pattern these days post 1 asks questions, post 2 calls op retarded for not knowing the answer, post 3 yucks it up with post 2, post 4 has op talking smack to first 2 guys, finally post 6 someone comes in with a quasi helpful answer, then thread kinda steers back on track to being helpful.... you need some happy pills boba? seriously is everything ok in your life?
  5. saltydecimator

    Questions About the new Saiga IZ 332 100 Series

    doesnt appear they appreciated much... lack of marketing/public knowledge plus high prices = lower resale value...
  6. saltydecimator

    Questions About the new Saiga IZ 332 100 Series

    hey heres your answer!! you started the thread 6 years ago... bam boom!!
  7. well that escalated quickly!! i missed out on a pair of those (2-3 years ago) as well at a wichita gun show... i didnt know they existed until then... those 2 went for $750ish as the pair... so why come post if you hate the place so much? like i said in the other post, do you need to talk about some other issues? were here for ya bro, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar! heres your thread on the same rifles from 6 years ago? how were you wanting this all to hash out???
  8. saltydecimator

    US Palm comng back!

    yep grips sorry never used their mags... what about sinic welding? does that count? black dog machine does that for 22lr mags
  9. supposedly bought by century... those monkeys, ha! im excited as long as the dont cornhole the molds.... ive never used one, said i never got the chance... but i certainly wasnt gonna pay $70 for a used one
  10. im hoping to pick an old one up in wichita next weekend for 750....green furniture, does that mean gen 2?
  11. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    oh good, thats all ya gotta do is keep your sanity!!
  12. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    so no-one is buying the co or whatnot? i would think that would have some value to someone??
  13. saltydecimator

    s12 barrels and a side folder project

    bump these are still available...and txt for pics still ideal... i can upload at some point, just low priority at this point. prices maybe a bit differnert? or lemme know your thoughts on value...
  14. saltydecimator

    sko-12 shorty

    2 gas ports total btw