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  1. Does anyone make these for the IZ 109? I really want to put a rear sight on mine somehow
  2. question for the experienced fellas here, how does one decide which LOP length to go with? Also what are the beneies of left folder vs right folder. I'm going to SBS my saiga12 and I'm getting one of these stocks I just can't decide on the variables. Thanks
  3. OK, so I took off the gas block per this: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/33836-modification-to-repair-fte-issues-on-saigas-with-blocked-gas-ports/ Pauly the tools you provided say .09, .08, .07 I have three ports, one was .07, the other two were smaller, so I took a drill bit that fit in and just ran it a little bit, now I can fit the .07 in there. Then I worked the .08 in by hand, just inserting a little bit and turning, and now they are .08. Now I'm wondering if I need to make that hole into a D like that post says, since one of my ports is almost totally blocked, but it'
  4. Hi Guys, Holy cow, it's been a month since I last went to the range, how sad! Anyhoo, I wanted to thank everyone again, I got the siaga cycling I basically went back to stock parts (all this with Federal bulk) and it kept failing. I tried the CSS puc, noticed an improvement , but got stuck again. I remove the stock plug and used the vplug, better, but still jams once in a while. I then used the softer CSS spring, Vplug on the second + and it started to cycle properly. I shot about 75 thru it without any jams. Then I tried some winchester, and I'm convinced this ammo is crap in the saig
  5. Thanks guys, Wow, awesome feedback. I do have a bunch to try. I have a css on order. all OEM parts restored waiting a trip to the range for testing. My quad is Chaos It's really hard to put 500 rounds thru it when I basically have to pull out every other shell by hand. It fails to eject at least twice on a 10 round mag, sometimes even every other shell (it's super irritating) Pauly I got all the tools you sent, I'll see if I can break the gun down and get to the ports to measure them. I'll use the stickied post for guidance. I'm 99% sure it's a gas system problem, the action is so smoot
  6. Thanks guys, I couldn't make it to the range today to test out all the suggestions, but I will in the next couple days, hopefully the weather holds up. Thanks for the suggestions and the link to open up the ports, I do wish they would have done this and then let us control pressure with the gas plug. cheers
  7. that's right it is an etac. I'll try that, maybe I can get to the range today Ammo is walmart federal bulk, and winchester bulk. I tried cycling some federal game loads also same result. I honestly can't remember if I cycled high brass through it, maybe last year.. cheers
  8. Hi Guys, I have a converted s12 that is cycling like crap even after I did: 1- replaced the spring with the css performance recoil spring 2- MD arms vplug 3- Glassbolt by pauly (oooh the action is soo smooth now) 4- I got a puc from a company that is no longer around, can't remember the name but it was supposed to clean the gas port while cycling. I've noticed this puc doesn't run up and down the gas port smoothly, it kind of sticks to the sides and needs a bang to get it out, so maybe it's time for a new one. When I look at the gas ports, I cleary see two and one is kind of half e
  9. reapur


    I had the spike kit. It would not fit on mine because I have the V-Plug and the forward piece wouldn't clear. I'm sure a dremel could've fixed it but I didn't want to mess with it so I sold it. Over all the kit was top quality, I got it fitted somewhat and it looked awesome and felt really good and balanced, although I don't think it would accommodate a 20rd drum very comfortably. Just to add, I saw on their site they have a "sidewinder" kit that somehow rotates the receiver so that it ejects down and mounts the mags/drums to the left.
  10. I had this laying around when I got my saiga 12 and I fully expected it to fall apart, but it's still holding strong after several hundred rounds of birdshot mostly http://www.ncstar.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=136
  11. Can someone please tell me which recoil pad that is on the stock? I have a similar setup and I haven't been able to find a pad that fits thanks
  12. I have a brand new, never fired Saiga 12 shotgun Spike kit from center balanced systems. I was going to buy another saiga 12 to mount this one but now I want to sell it to fund another project. http://www.cbrps.com/Products.html Super nice kit makes your saiga 12 shorter and more maneuverable in rooms. This kit also had the $80 Black anodizing done to it. No carry handle. SPF I'm asking $260 for it. note, new this kit costs $280 plus $80 for the anodizing. That's $100 OFF. Please PM me with any questions. It hits my phone and I can get back to you quick.
  13. Can someone help with this: How long is the Tromix stock? I have a Tapco T6 and I have found a setting that works well for me. What do I measure to see how "long" the position is so I know which of these stocks at CSS works for me best. I'm going to convert it to a folder. Thanks
  14. As usual, I'm late If this falls thru for any reason,can I be next in line?
  15. OK. I'm ready http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_04607711000P?sid=IDx20070921x00003a&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=04607711000P Bring on the bacon ban, I'm fully stocked
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