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  1. I had the same dilemma, I did both since I ran across a used M&P upper, and am in the process of direct comparison. So far the AR upper is winning the accuracy comparison, both have functioned 100% so far. http://www.sksboards.com/smf/index.php?topic=60651.0
  2. Yes, at least speaking for mine, I made it so it uses either rear sight. I have seen other setups that raise it slightly so they can use other rear mounted sights.
  3. I have built a couple up off Superior lowers, both had tight magwells, so using thermolds Pmags was a non starter, but metal mags worked fine. Another to look for is Essential Arms for a low cost lower, I just built one, not very pretty, kind of rough in machine finish, but the mag well will drop free any mag, and the parts all went in without any issues.
  4. Mine are 1/9, but I suggest you patch test it. " Wrap a tight patch around the cleaning rod that is freely rotating in a handle of some sort (or you could try to turn it as you push it in if you get a feel for the resistance). Insert patched rod in barrel, mark a spot (tape with a dot, sharpie dot on the rod, observe a scratch on the rod, etc). Push rod through barrel and watch it turn with the rifling until the spot marked rotates to the same position (ie, you saw a mark on the "top" it rotated around as it pushed through and is now on "top" again). The distance it (the spot/mark) tra
  5. IIRC they are Wilson blanks sold by Century at one time. Just be aware they are in the white and not stainless, I almost bought one last year until I found that out. I have read they shoot very well but are pretty heavy not being turned down much past 1." at all past the gas port.
  6. True enough not everyone is mechanically adept enough to build one and make it work right. But its a pretty straight forward, if a person can do what it takes to build it, I would expect they can tweak the cover to make it tight. On both my 223s, the covers are tight tight, and the covers I sued to mount the sights on were actually Chinese smooth ones. These have been repeatable for zero for the ranges I use them, its not a match rifle and using steel cased ammo it works out fine. I have lost count of round under it, but its 2+ years old now. I toyed with mounting it on a hinge up
  7. I have no idea how it matches to the front sight for elevation. But the parts can be had http://www.robertrtg.com/g3rearsight.htm Or as I posted in another thread. http://www.sksboards.com/smf/index.php?topic=16767.0
  8. http://www.sksboards.com/smf/index.php?topic=16767.0 Option 2, works for me.
  9. I wish it was that simple, it took me that long to photoshop it. The stock being hollow wont let you profile it, wish it would, it would be done already.
  10. Thats one of the good things about a pistol frame type carbine, its as compact as an SBR and still has a 16" barrel. No mag to get in the way as its in the grip. The only disadvantage to the thumbhole stock is it keeps you from reaching the mag release with the trigger hand, so you have to bring up the off hand to hit the button. The Hi-point carbine isn't perfect by any means, but is a heck of a bargain for what it is. After using it, if I was going to wish for another design from Hi-point or ATI, I would just as soon go simpler, something maybe like this.
  11. I haven't found much difference in feel between the 2 G2s, the double seem slightly (emphasis on slightly) heavier, the single may be just a slightly rougher, but you really have to shoot one or the other a lot before you can tell.
  12. Well I got one on the EE on AR15.com, and about the same time I low bid another for just over $100 on gunbroker and won. It didn't have the ATI stock though. No one had them local, at least until I bought one and then I seen some. MD, I like that stock. It would be cool if the future new designed Hi-point stocks look like that.
  13. The sights are AR-15 folding type from Yankee Hill Machine, they co witness in the bottom 1/3, You can get rail stock in raw aluminum from http://egw-guns.com/catalog/ Its really not too much of a job to make one. The stock comes in 16" lengths, so you cut it down just a little to fit, and clean it up and shape the ends etc. Drill 3 holes in it, and tap them, drill 2 indents for the protrusions on the stock reciever cover and its ready to paint or finish. Attached with 3 button head screws. The rail will deflect if you pull it down, but works just fine if you keep your hands of
  14. Hi cap mags are the only downside to these things, I got a carbine with ATI stock a few weeks ago and tweaked it up some to taste. Found some rail stock online to make the top rail. Lots of fun for a cheap plinker.
  15. CDNN has been out of the galil mags, have they got some back in?
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