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  1. MinutemanX

    Cobra customer pic thread!

    here's some pictures of the beast... course if anybody else calls her beast... ...mdarms 20rnd drums make great kickstands
  2. MinutemanX

    Cobra make shiny

    Here's my gun back together with Cobras Custom bolt/carrier polish + trigger, pins, BHO, dust cover button, and charging handle accents
  3. MinutemanX

    Bolts, carriers, and FCGs SHIPPING...

    got it all back and reinstalled, looks great! charges smooth and for the first time ever, able to load on that closed bolt. Will try to get some pictures up sometime this week. Thanks man
  4. MinutemanX

    Bolt and FCG work shipping this week...

    lol, I see my recoil spring! I stuck dowel rod through the spring when I packed it to keep from bending
  5. MinutemanX


    ^thanks, good to know
  6. MinutemanX


    Hey do the mosin's come safe and ready to fire, or is it best to get it inspected- I just remember somewhere saying they sell a lot of bad ones along with the good, and I hate for guns to blow up in my face... I can be a bit of a hypochondriac
  7. MinutemanX

    Cannot fit pistol grip on converted Saiga

    aaargh my hogue grip pissed me off so bad. I had to go at it for a couple hours with a dull chisel. But its oh so nice in the end
  8. MinutemanX

    Saiga help please!

    try taking it out and put one round through it- before you reset the trigger pop the hood and do a visual inspection. What deadeye said is most common, happened to me also. additionally I also had to polish the disconnect and the hammer lip as they were sticking- caused the same trigger reset prob
  9. MinutemanX

    kukri house

    was just browsing their website for fun, the handle actually is rubber. It is not pliable in any way and cannot be depressed- very hard material. Christmas is rollin around I may be ordering another
  10. MinutemanX

    kukri house

    They are based out of Nepal, I believe the company was started by a retired Gurkha soldier. The prices are extremely reasonable, I paid about $70 for mine but the shipping was almost just as much. The website is - http://www.khukurihouseonline.com/ Not sure exactly what the handle is made of. It looks like rubber but feels like some kind of really hard polymer (kind of like a mallet). It is very solid, blade is full tang and the spine is almost as thick as my pinkie finger
  11. MinutemanX


    picked this up for $15, couldn't resist
  12. MinutemanX


    fun pokey things
  13. MinutemanX

    Frustrating Trigger Reset Issue

    I had two seperate trigger reset hangups, drove me nuts figuring it out. The first was the spring sliding over as first mentioned. The second was rough surfaces / bad angles on the Tapco FCG I had. Weird thing was I couldn't duplicate the hangup manually at my bench, it would only hangup when I actually shot the gun. I had to take my saiga out, shoot it, then pop the hood and inspect. What I found was that the disconnect hook was hanging up on the hammer sear edge. I filed/polished the sear and under the disconnect slightly till it slipped off easily. I had to take the gun out and shoot several times to get it right. Never a problem since. Saiga's suck sometimes but the coolest thing about them is you really get to know the ins and outs of your weapon
  14. MinutemanX


    actually not too sure. Got if off of CSS a long time ago and there's no markings on it. Looked around, found this: Manufacturer: Guntec Model: AKMNT-CH http://ak-builder.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=30232 pretty close...
  15. Selling as is my nearly new Saiga 12 Chaos Extended Quadrail with HK Sights Only a couple slight rail markings where accessories were attached. I'm asking $165 and I'll cover shipping. Will accept postal money orders. quick video look of it: