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  1. I'll have to weigh mine later. But I have x39 with a POSP 4x, Chaos Mini Quad, Bonesteel adapter and Galil-style folder and I feel like it's probably too heavy to pack to hell and back and not feel like it's too much weight. Sure, it's fine at the range, but my ARs both make it feel like a pig.
  2. I have the Chaos Mini Quad for my Saiga. I found the factory handguard got too hot. I put a Tapco intrafuse on there but didn't like it. My conditions were 1.) something that didn't require mods to the rifle 2.) something that had rails available (for an AFG and a light) 3.) it looked like it belonged on an AK. Honestly, if I liked the way it looked I'd suggest the SGM Tri Rail. I think it's solid. I like my Chaos rail just fine, but there is weight to be considered. After adding that, my Bonesteel adapter and galil-style folding stock and a POSP scope, I feel like the damn thing i
  3. I think it's hilarious people are clinging to "milsurp is the only way to go" ideas in here. Milsurp or "Mil spec" is not always the way to go. Most shooters using ARs will not use the "milsurp" mags. It's apples and oranges but people are laying down the milsurp in here like it's always gospel. Okay, that said, Steel AK mags (from the major ex-Soviet countries) are pretty much good to go. There's a range of quality there which is why I think blanket statements are dumb. But metal Russian, German, Polish, Hungarian, an Egyptian mags are all good if they're in decent shape to start with.
  4. just a heads up, you're posting a WTB (want to buy) in the WTS/WTT (want to sell/want to trade) section. You may have better look in the appropriate sub-forum.
  5. lol, what? I checked out their facebook page, and yeah, there's some weird/immature stuff going on over there (no argument from me on that point). but how do you figure atheists have "more blood on their hands then [sic] anyone?" I'm not even trying to say atheists are more civilized or less-violent, but you're going to have to back up that little mountain of bullshit you just dropped.
  6. looks ugly, weight is ugly, bolt on is a no go, as well. and it's not cheap either!
  7. there is actually a For Sale/Trade sub forum. You will probably be asked to post this there instead. good luck!
  8. do you sell the stock in a pack or anything with the folder mechanism? and the Night Brake looks cool, any videos of it in action? Also, I assume it's a 14mm LH? that wire stock with the cheek riser looks like nothing I've ever see before. I always disliked wire stocks, but that's a bit more palatable.
  9. Serious question, what's the difference between the Beryl and the ACE Stock with the adapter? Maybe it's my imagination, but it looks like that would present a low cheek weld for my PSO scope. I'll add it to the options, though! Thanks!
  10. I had long thought I was going to turn my Saiga into an Arsenal-clone of the beautiful natural looking AKs. I think my ability, work space, time, and money have all decided to postpone that idea and just buy custom (Arsenal or similar) AK someday (maybe a 5.45 rifle to be different). In the meantime I've decided to make some more practical, sigh, "tactical" mods to my current Saiga. I currently have moved my FCG forward, added a US Palm PG, added a KVar Warsaw-length buttstock, and a Tapco Infrafuse hand guard. I will be finishing up my mag conversion (BG install and filing the mag catch t
  11. Is this something Saiga owners (w/o a retainer) should wait for? I'm about to order your Saiga Quad Rail but if I should wait . . .
  12. It's not advisable to weld the BG in unless you really know what you're doing, apparently. pretty easy to warp/melt the trunnion I guess.
  13. yeah, luckily Pauly from Pauly's Steelin' has a agreed to help me out (he's local). I just need to find a time to set up with him. he's an awesome guy!
  14. I think the gun shop owner was thinking of the Eastern Euro AKs. I'm with Dr. Thunder, sure Saigas might have been imported that way, but it wasn't super common and for a "long time" if they were.
  15. hmm . . . this is an interesting solution. I actually don't own a dremel-style tool yet, so it would give me the excuse to buy one. Do all Dremel brand bits work in off brand dremel-style tools? I was looking at a rotary tool from Northern Industrial.
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