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  1. Glowing, where did you order the PKO1 from and if you don't mind my asking for how much.
  2. Just curious to what scope and mount most people are running on their saiga 5.45? Looking for suggestions.
  3. pfin3

    Gas block

    Ok, I am planning on replacing my front sight block w/ a bulgy one I have had sitting around for quite some time. The question is, should I change the gas block, and if so, which one should I get and what else will I need to do? Thanks for all the info everyone is willing to supply.
  4. pfin3

    5.45x39 ammo

    Where did you pick yours up Polak?
  5. pfin3

    5.45x39 ammo

    Has anyone bought any bulk (7n6) recently and received a good price?
  6. pfin3

    5.45x39 ammo

    Who has cheap ammo since Aim is out of stock?
  7. where did you find your fsb and brake?
  8. pfin3

    Wood furniture

    Looks darn good! Hope mine turns out that good. Thats what I ended up purchasing and also in the same color. Thanks. Looks darn good! Hope my turns out that good. That is what I ended up purchasing and in the same color. Thanks What exactly did you have to do to take care of that problem? I made up some wooden shims that are the same profile as the hang guards and stock. I had to keep the upper hand guard from turning freely. I did the same thing for the lower hand guard to keep it from moving up and down. And I made one up for the butt stock to it would sit when I wanted it. It only took about an hour to make them all. Here is what it looks like installed.
  9. pfin3

    Wood furniture

    What exactly did you have to do to take care of that problem?
  10. pfin3

    Wood furniture

    I have the timbersmith brown laminate stock set on my 545 and personally think it looks great. It's good quality shit. I was stuck between the brown and black laminate, and the russian red wasn't available when I was converting otherwise I probably would of bought that. They also sell an unfinished set but I don't know the first thing about staining wood Sorry, my shitty camera doesn't do it justice Looks Great It does look great!
  11. pfin3

    Wood furniture

    ...but has anyone used timbersmith or ironwood furniture?
  12. Thinking of putting wood furniture on saiga 5.45 and have a few of questions. 1. Has anyone used the TimberSmith wood on theirs? 2. Has anyone used Ironwood Designs on theirs? 3. What has to be done to install either of these on the rifle?
  13. Arms of America has them for $379.
  14. Waiting on my new 5.45x39 to be delivered but before I start tearing into it I was wondering if there is anyone in the central OH that I might be able to turn to for help if needed.
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