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  1. So very sorry for your loss Mr. GPD. Never easy losing a friend, partner and member of the family. Glad to see that he was with you until the end... RIP Sincerely, nyclu3
  2. Good Job. Looks great. Let us know how it goes at the range. Welcome to the forum... nyclu3
  3. mister T, Very handsome representation of the S-12. I thought handguard was a modified FNC but to find out that you machined it yourself made it even better! Oh I wish I had access to this kind of machinery! Well Done! nyclu3
  4. Congrats csspecs, I was just about to pull the trigger on this but had to go to the bathroom and now it's gone... Those who hesitate, FAIL! nyclu3
  5. I don't understand what drives people to do these things... So very sad. Now we have to worry about our kids in the elementary schools??? Prayers and condolences to all those affected by this tragedy. Evil is among us and we must weed them out and punish them accordingly. nyclu3
  6. Well, the morning after reveals mayhem and destruction throughout the tri-state area. Can't go to work and just trying to help out friends and neighbors with power and anything else... Brother trapped in his building downtown NYC since yesterday morning, an engineer in the old Verizon building on the east side. Friend lost his roof. But thank God, everyone is OK, relatively... Might as well go to the range after helping out a few people. nyclu3
  7. Went to work in Times Square and then to another job on 57th street by where the crane collapsed but hasn't fallen yet. City was empty except for tourists, cops, construction workers and homeless people. FDR Drive and Major Deegan flooded, Battery and Holland tunnels closed. Hudson river choppy with whitecaps, the West Side Hwy and George Washington Bridge was open. Flooding in southern Nassau and Suffolk counties. And it's only going to get worse... Be safe everyone. nyclu3
  8. NYC transit and commuter rail and busses shut down by 7pm tonight. Will have to drive in to work in Times Square tomorrow. Be Safe everyone. Generator ready with spare gas on hand and fridges full of food! nyclu3 PS: Plenty off ammo to repel non welcome invaders...
  9. There was a show yesterday and today at the Orange County fairgrounds in Middletown, NY. Lots of people buying but prices are still very high for everything... nyclu3
  10. Looks good and works just like the big money version. Way to innovate, adapt and overcome! A forward grip might be helpful with the heat... nyclu3
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