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  1. Found the dang thing. dug out a small hole in the ice all the way to the bottom of the snow pile. My son used a magnet on a long pole and it was discovered. It was a million to one shot to hit a 1 in hole. Go figure.
  2. Here is a pic. The part I need specs on is the long flat piece below the bolt. I believe this is the firing pin.
  3. Thanks for all input. If anyone can get me some measurements for the striker I would appreciate it.
  4. Dapper1371usmc thanks for clarifying. The striker is the piece I need or specifications on it in order to get one made. Some background. I was cleaning the bolt and took it apart. Working outside on my deck so the fumes would not bother my family. I don't have a garage. I live in Alaska and it was cold.while working over a parts tray I took apart the bolt. I should mention that I had to remove my gloves in order to manipulate the tools. Well that caused my fingers to quickly start to become numb. This was the mistake I know now as I lost control of the firing pin/striker and it fel
  5. Thanks, I do need the FP but I need the flat piece. Any info would be appreciated. I dropped the piece and it is somewhere in a 10 foot deep snow pile.
  6. Hey can someone tell me the Firing Pin measurements and the steel type used
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