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    Shipping a gun

    I was told USPS would ship a gun owned by you, from you, to a new location, without Ammo in the case. Is this true? Or do I have to go thru the red tape of using a broker with and FFL if I already own the item outright Blue card and all?
  2. nsa400wife

    R.I.P. NSA400

    Thanks to everyone for their support, it's easy to see why My husband felt so at home here. I look forward to forging my own relationships with many of you! and to learn as much as I can about the guns I've just inherited. Luckily the one thing my husband was adament about and proud dare I say, was the ability of his wife to "field strip" every weapon he had. I think somehow it made him think of me in the Redneck sense LOL! Again, Thank You to you all for the support it means so much when trying to get through making heads or tails of something so sudden and hard. He was only 42 years old, and we only had a few years together but he was most certainly the love of my life. He is already doing great things from above, as he has made sure both of his girls are being taken care of sprititually, emotionally and financially. To Cobra and Racegal, our prayers are with you both as well. I fully understand the stress cancer makes on a relationship and also individually for the patient and the support system. I will keep you in my thoughts and pray 2011 will bring nothing but health and happyness. Take care to all, All the best for 2011 and be sure we'll be talkin to ya! Michelle Ray's wife
  3. I'm sorry to inform you all, NSA400 or Ray as he was known to his family lost his battle with Cancer in October. My husband was an avid blogger on this site, and was happy to call alot of you friends. Here he found his people, those who shared his passion for guns, his frustration for the way the government was going, His desire to find better ways to "make things work", and above all friendship. I apologize for it taking me this long to post and let you know, Our 2 year old daughter and myself have been doing our best to make it thru the Holidays without him. In the true spirit of my husband I am going to keep learning about his craft, and continue my education of firearms and his love of teaching them to our daughter (albeit alittle early) with the help of all of you!! Thank You for making his days thru chemo treatments a little brighter, he enjoyed everything until his last days...