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  1. nope the only thing i think of when i see BHO is Bolt Hold Open what do you mean?
  2. scientist have recently shown that plants have a form of intelligence that we are only starting to understand so now that plants are alive and have feelings too does this mean all the vegans are going to die out? a man can only hope
  3. Yes... That is another reason that your tires are black.. On a gas tank, it's far less critical since it's under the vehicle... Someone can call bull on this if they like, because I really don't remember, but I think I was told that the gas tanks early on C-4 'vettes were translucent. I know damn well that the tanks on C-5+ 'Vettes aren't because I worked on that program. In the tire world, my current realm, carbon black is being replaced with silica compounds for longer tire life and lower rolling resistance. They still add to the black color, but I really don't understand how because san
  4. Actually the T-6 stock is not bad for what it is and mine does not wiggle or come lose at all on my s12 but the tapco folder i have somewhere in my toolbox does bend and warp i took it off cause it was scary i didnt want it to snap next to my face. I also canabalized my T-6 stock and made my own slide fire stock fuck paying $350+ for a piece of cheap plastic mine cost me the stock plus $20 at home depot and it works.
  5. nope the link he posted was for the tapco stock and pistol grip for an unconverted saiga. if i were you id just convert it that way your gun will be .922r compliant and the gun it self will feel better with a better trigger and the pistol grip in the right position.
  6. imo, dont fight alone unless you have to. i would not be attacking the enemy unless we started organizing millitias, going after the enemy alone is suicide and will not help anyone try to stay low "out of sight out of mind"
  7. i loved the Tribe called Quest music during the vid, my buddy bought a PMR-30 and as soon as he got home he realized the yellow nylon in the front sight was missing, Keltec sent him a new one no issues though.
  8. It will be shunned BECAUSE it pisses on the progressive liberal agenda. Individual rights, freedom, rights to privacy and most paramount anything related to God, Libtards reject. Now if Superman was an minority, homo, muzzie then you might have something Um Superman is a Minority and an Illegal Alien lol
  9. the mobile 1 we use in Honda hybrid cars are 0-20w here at the dealer
  10. oh really? i must be careful then because PB blaster is my rust penetrant of choice for working with cars and i have a few anodized aluminum parts under my car lol
  11. you dont need to get a cheapy gun all you need to do is add a lanyard with a brightly colored flotation device so if it is dropped you can recover it if your still alive
  12. nope if it shot all at once i think my hand might have just broken lmao
  13. i dont like shooting the COP .357magnum my buddy has one and its horrid. horrible accuracy, what feels like 30lbs trigger pull and after shooting about 8-12 rounds my right hand was hurting so bad i no longer wanted to shoot it so i switched to my left hand.... bad mistake next day both my hands were swollen LOL ive shot a SW500 and it was a different pain more in my wrist then anything but with the COP it feels like someone is taking a baseball bat to the web of my hand between the thumb and index finger.
  14. never owned a remmington and now i wont even buy their ammo anymore
  15. Honestly i can understand why people hate him but i cant understand why they hate his dead body its nothing just a piece of rotting flesh why give it any party of your day just to hate it makes no sense to me
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