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  1. I have comment......ATF is petty commom criminals who should be stripped of all power and authority until such time they have paid or been punished for crimes against people of United States of America. ATF can take my comment for face value if they wish, or pound it up their fucking ass. When clowns like this decide they are above the law, they loose their authority. They are in no position to tell anybody what they can or can not have to protect family.
  2. Good morning comrades, could you tell me please if Arsenal sgl31 will comply with Tantal wood and pistol grip?
  3. Very kind of you to take time to post testing. Much thanks Arik.
  4. It requires much courage e honor to bring such things to light, if what you say is true, I thank you for informing your comrades, as should all others.
  5. Much thanks comrades, can you tell me if Bulgarian wasp is comparable quality to Soviet 7n6?
  6. I would load up with 7N6 surplus or Hornady VMAX if desiring effectiveness and reliability. Those others are fine for plinking, although I would just use 7N6. Don't expect much out of a 5.45 HP round. Much thanks Jim, my only reservation is the rifles are costly and I do not want corrosion. I decide to buy Soviet 7n6. Again I thank you.
  7. Looking for reviews of Tula and Silver bear, also effectiveness of Tula 60 gr. hp. As always, much thanks comrades.
  8. I try to help people in very same thread, but my advice falls on deaf ears. Please read my posts. I fear all will be lost.
  9. That is like 10 year old boy sending letter to his mother asking to deal cocaine. They will continue course unless they are stopped by force.
  10. Have you ever heard of a quality AK made in United States?
  11. Hello comrades, I am looking for steel Tantal floorplates and springs. I am not sure if springs are the same as other ak-74 magazines. Thank you much for your help.
  12. Do any of you fine gentlemen have opinions on the steel AK-74 magazines?
  13. I think all is not lost, with breech bolt lock, time to recharge is much less, so perhaps 20 cartridge drum is not needed so much? To change 10 cartridge sticks will be swift indeed. I presume K-var will surely offer followers as soon as possible. Salute.
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