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  1. I will be on Dauphin Island next week. Do you have any pointers for shore fishing this area? If we have time I would also like to cross over and try the pier at GS.
  2. Mossy just announced they are available from the factory with the Raptor Birdshead style grip, 14"ish bbl. for a over 26" non NFA length.
  3. Please sign Mark Serbu's Petition. If you don't know Mark, he is a Firearms manufacturer in Tampa Fl.; a great guy and a resource to the firearms community. He has about half of the five thousand signatures required. Please folks, take a minute and follow the link to sign his petition. And please spread the word on other forums you post on. https://www.change.org/p/u-s-house-of-representatives-preserve-the-gun-rights-of-americans?recruiter=456931618&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink
  4. Paris has been Out-Moosed for years. The City is surrounded by Ghettos filled with unemployed, educated, welfare sucking, Anti-Christian, disenfranchised Muslim Radicals. There are hundreds of thousand of them and this may be the moment they have all been waiting for.....
  5. I don't have any dogs in the hunt except the reference to ISO 9000. That is the most important certification Any manufacturer can obtain. It seperates them from anyone else. By obtaining this, and its not even close to easy, they have proven to multiple external audit teams that they do not only Talk the Talk, they Walk the Walk. When a ISO manufacturer claims they use only certain products in manufacturing, and test to such and such a standard, well they really do. No one would risk loosing such a valuable certification by abusing it.
  6. Sorry but dont like its look. I would like to mount a Midwest AK forearm on mine. Anyone???
  7. When you mentioned Cheaper the first pistol I thought of was a Phoenix Arms. I have a few friends that own, shoot the crap out of, and Love them.
  8. Ok I never got much response on an earlier post, so let me ask this. How can I mount a Midwest type AK forearm on my Saiga .308? I see they have them for Vepr's as well. Would that be any easier? The current crop[ of forearms that fit my .308 just arent that appealing.
  9. I just received a few csspec .308 mags last week. First Off let me say I Have Not Shot With Them Yet. That being said, I am totally impressed with the fit and finish of the mags. Since I envision csspec as a Mom and Pop shop, I was totally unprepared for the quality when I got my order. First off I have never received a mag order as well packaged as these were. I have ordered and received hundreds of magazines over the years. this was a real deal maker.The fit or lock up in my converted 16" rifle is perfect. After reading several less than glowing reports on the mags, I was shocked that the
  10. Does anyone make a alum. railed forearm? I see Midwest has them for everything But a .308.
  11. I was able to buy a few Romy PSL mags, as I thought the tall inner pouch would hold a few 10 round Saiga 12 gauge mags. Yahoo, they work!! The 4 outer pockets each hold 5 12 gauge shell easily. I may be able to pick up a few more to sell at a reasonable price if anyone is interested.
  12. An old shooting buddy had some neighbors that called the Law, regularly. However the neighbors must have been stupid or deaf. When the Law showed up, it was regularly another Buddy of mine. The Volume of automatic fire would increase as he couldn't resist letting go a mag or two!
  13. Having bought, sold and manufactured in the past I always used 100 days as an average.
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