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  1. You can never have "enough" magazines or ammo my friend. edit: usually when I buy ammo for and extra ten - twenty bucks I pick up a mag or two to ship with.
  2. Looks like the correct Russian Vepr-12 bbl length, which I think is about 17", like the guns that Legion brought in. To clarify, it is a Legion model with original length barrel. Same as the two vette447 has. My OCD kicked in and I sent it back had the DPH flash hider removed and a Molot flash hider installed. To stay true to the picture thread:
  3. That really makes you wonder. So much to be said, I like to think there is enough good ole decent people in this Country we won't let whats gonna happen - happen. Just so long as you know what side you stand on. Oh wait I heard a ping gotta go.
  4. Thats what you get for living under a rock.... I wasn't thrilled with the rep on the phone, but then again I'm a customer service guru. I'm nervous about how long they are going to have it for. Fingers crossed turn around isn't ridiculous.
  5. F me. Thanks for the heads up! I just bought mine last week . Ordered a Mark 6 scope last night. I was all excited to take her out.
  6. @ Darth, Some Amsoil and she'll be fine. I built a 120'' once that would run 300+ degrees in the summer. Does your oil cooler have a thermostat? Some of the O.E. ones do which isn't doing shit for you. Make sure its free flowing in the summer, put a leather wrap around it when its cooler out...
  7. The funny part really is history always repeats itself, but we have yet as a human race to learn from the past. We live in the moment and whats good for us now. Forget the future or the others around you.....
  8. EPA regulations are pushing them into liquid cooled for reduced engine noise emissions. About like everything else good we USED to have in this country.
  9. do si dos are crack in a box! I came home the other day and informed my wife that they sold me an empty box!!! I was furious lmao.
  10. I picked up one more crate today. In case anyone else is going for a last grab Dans Sporting Goods has them for sale $409.99.
  11. I think I'm pretty set on a Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 6.5-20x50 M5. If anyone would care to chime in on how would be best to dress her up it would be appreciated.... scope mount setups etc.. My lgs was showing me some optics but I want to do a little more research. This could be my new favorite, very much looking forward to getting into some long range shooting!
  12. I just did mine last month for the same reasons. I'd been putting it off for way too long! Best of luck.
  13. I'm looking for a Vepr-12 upper handguard in "new" (no dings) condition. Thanx
  14. Could we get the picture post thread in the Vepr-12 sub forum pinned?
  15. You could always pick up a couple factory 8 rounders and put in U.S. made floor plates if 922r is an issue. Might I add they are great quality, I am very happy with the ones I purchased. edit: cssspecs should be coming out with steel 8 rounders for the Vepr soon.
  16. Is that correct that .308 does better with a 20'' barrel opposed to a 24''?
  17. I have been wanting a Rem. 700 5R in a .308 for a while now for the same reasons. Long range shooting. My lgs had a 20'' barrel when I was in there last time. I asked about the 24'' barrel and was told .308 stabilizes better for longer distance with a shorter barrel. I have been wanting to do a little more research before I buy one.
  18. My trust was 14 pages, uploaded with no issues. I have noticed the sever moves a lot quicker very early in the a.m. Probably due to less traffic. Getting logged in can be the hardest part.
  19. Just wanted to update... Received pad from Oleg today. Thanks again 7.62m43 exactly what I was going for. I like the 1'' extension, the only disadvantage I notice is the cheek weld pad is now a little to far forward. I have to move my head forward from a "natural position" but I have yet to shoot with it so I will have to wait and see which I like more.
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