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  1. You can see on this page about the Yekuana Indians of brazil, there is a crown very similar to the adornments on the wall behind Mystri. This is the pic.
  2. The things in the back are parrot feathered headdresses from Central America. We were really at the location for a sunset shot, but it did not work out, the wall in the dining room was a "back up" setup for that location. There were no clouds. Be aware there is no post processing on these images.
  3. Click the pic www.title2media.com is the website for the calendars. They are high quality USA printed sweet a$$ calendars. Images suitable for framing. Makes a great stocking stuffer!! We will have a table at the SAR show in Phoenix with a couple models, come by. Geister
  4. Well here is a test shot from before we had decided to do the Subguns calendar. Enjoy, Geister
  5. From the 2008 Subguns calendar. August, mostly blocked out, sorry.
  6. In order to make an AOW it must be a virgin receiver, or a pistol receiver. It must never have had a stock on it. I don't believe any virgin receivers have been imported, or clone knock-offs created. So for now SBS is the only option, but SBS can be stockless. Confused yet? Geister
  7. Got the message, getting things rolling today.
  8. I did this morning... Still nothing, hope he is ok. Everyone in my family goes out in a firey car crash around the holidays.
  9. HAHA too funny, I DID listen to all my married friends. Watching my dad get divorced 3 times helped too... and my mother... well let's not go there..
  10. toys are fun, I can afford all kinds of schit since I stopped dating. Truck &1919 large pic of M16 w/suppressor m16 and friend I am the lower guy. Oly 6" upper no flash hider
  11. The details of my life are quite inconsequential...... Dr. Evil The short answer is that I am the computer guy at a law firm.
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