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  1. Miss seein' you around, Brother....

  2. Outstanding post Cobra! This crap is totally outrageous. I hope Americans keep getting frustrated to the point of forcing this country to represent us.
  3. Thanks for the consideration! Seems perfectly reasonable/pragmatic to me.
  4. I'd have an interest in some reliable, safe fleshettes. Thanks for looking into the feasability B! Cool project.
  5. Michiganders do rock... This thread is hilarious!. I must say Dinzags shirts are totally Badass- Jugg knows his stuff (just not his typing ).
  6. Congratulations B! Thanks for all you do! 4 years, wow thats longer than many relationships. Keep doin' watcha do man!
  7. My .02: I would hate to see any good board member leave just because they need to contribute as little as $5 to start a thread in the "for trade/sales board". Thats really not asking for much for board upkeep and to keep "random" sellers from just passing through- likely with no loyalty to the board or its members. Hope you stay.
  8. +4 and I'm afraid you are right about those assclowns causing more problems....just a matter of when...not if.
  9. Yeah. It sucks that she's only right 97% of the time.
  10. Now you have heard from an authority! I stand corrected.
  11. I am not an authority but I think your right. If I remember correctly, it is the VEPR design that drops in.
  12. well, the choice in the poll is "side mount with rings" a POSP with integral mount doesnt have rings. What 44rdv4rk said. I've got a POSP which I can easily swap between my .308 16", 21", or my 16" .223. I generally leave it on the 21" .308.
  13. My compliments Bvamp, your work looks really nice! FWIW, I'd hire you over hiring an illegal.
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