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  1. It should work, make sure to measure the diameter of the barrel to be sure. Mine was in the neighborhood of .575" and was a little loose. That wasn't really a problen since I had to drill new pin holes anyway. I squared the sight and then drilled and reamed .124" holes. Secured it with 1/8" dowel pins-rock solid.
  2. I used Ironwood on my .223. Their prices are a little high but the product and customer service is well worth it.
  3. I made some press plates for a .308 that I'm cuurently restoring. I also have a fixture for pressing the gas block and FSB onto the barrel. I woulf be happy to send you some drawings for these if you are up to making them yourself. The pics I have attached were taken on a table rather than a press to add clarity.
  4. It seemed to be a good idea to join this forum since the only thing better than playing with guns is talking about playing with guns!

  5. Here's my first Saiga and first post.
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