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  1. If you cryro treat it I think you will be good to 8000-10000 W/O shooting bimetal.
  2. I think my V-1 2010 23" Vepr is a 1:12.6R Twist. 147gr seems best in mine of what I have tried through it, I haven't tried lighter. 180 gr has a lot of fliers for me. Not sure why but my pencil profile 22" 1:12 mag fed lever Win 88 in .308 is not as picky. In fact after I get my new scope on it I would like to start walking the SMK 175 out 1000yards. Someone recently told me it is the jump to the lands. In the same conversation someelse said it is the primers, they are too hot and and have to much pressure variance. In the lighter bullets he didn't think that the quick pressure pulse o
  3. All over the internet last year, but it is not on their website. The 800 number on the website doesn't work either. I kind of like the look and I could actually those tree hooks on the end where I am hunting now. 17 ounces seems bearable for stalk hunting. Guess it was a 'Vapor Product' or more likely they decided to not go into production because of the US import ban. The disconnected 800 number doesn't inspire confidence however; I was going to buy the 'ATI VEPR Strikeforce Elite Stock with Scorpion Recoil System', but now I am looking for another alternative for my Vepr's new adustable
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