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  1. The 1200 seems a bit soft to me. The 500 finish is a bit harder.
  2. I tried the inexpensive UTG grip and it worked great on my ar15 and saiga 7.62, but broke on the second round of my S-12. Don't use the UTG on the S-12.
  3. +2 on the double stack mags. Would probably cost the same or slightly more to produce than a 10 round single stack mag, but would involve more engineering to get it to function properly.
  4. Tapco Galil Handguard w/ UTG Tri-Rail and UTG Forward Grip. I mounted the tri-rail directly to the handgaurd but dont care for the looks of the setup myself. I prefer the original. Handgaurd, Tri-rail and Foreward Grip $60.00 shipped. -------------------SOLD---------------------
  5. Original 10 round 7.62 X 39 Saiga mag. $20.00 Shipped -----Sold--------------
  6. I have a Tapco Galil handguard that was intalled, but not used. It fits the 7.62 X 39 Saiga and can be modified to fit others. 50.00 Shipped. I accept paypal and credit cards. -----------SOLD---------------
  7. Don't you need to thread the inside of the barrel for the Poly-Choke?
  8. I have one I'll sell for $20.00 Shipped
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