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  1. The 1200 seems a bit soft to me. The 500 finish is a bit harder.
  2. I tried the inexpensive UTG grip and it worked great on my ar15 and saiga 7.62, but broke on the second round of my S-12. Don't use the UTG on the S-12.
  3. +2 on the double stack mags. Would probably cost the same or slightly more to produce than a 10 round single stack mag, but would involve more engineering to get it to function properly.
  4. Tapco Galil Handguard w/ UTG Tri-Rail and UTG Forward Grip. I mounted the tri-rail directly to the handgaurd but dont care for the looks of the setup myself. I prefer the original. Handgaurd, Tri-rail and Foreward Grip $60.00 shipped. -------------------SOLD---------------------
  5. Original 10 round 7.62 X 39 Saiga mag. $20.00 Shipped -----Sold--------------
  6. I have a Tapco Galil handguard that was intalled, but not used. It fits the 7.62 X 39 Saiga and can be modified to fit others. 50.00 Shipped. I accept paypal and credit cards. -----------SOLD---------------
  7. Don't you need to thread the inside of the barrel for the Poly-Choke?
  8. I have one I'll sell for $20.00 Shipped
  9. Me too. Saw a S12 @ a local pawn shop and picked it up for $300. I couldent resist. Its an addiction
  10. Also, you will need to add a bullet guide or the cartridges will not load properly. I recommend Danzigs bullet guides. He includes a drill bit, tap and screw to properly intall it. The only other thing you need is some Locktite to keep the screw in place.
  11. VERY cool looking...... but.... how does the magazine work? 1. Do you have to manually rotate the magazine or 2. Does it rotate like a revolver cylinder while firing (problematic if your holding on to it like a hand gaurd while firing)
  12. Here you go! Outdoors http://www.inas.us/ http://www.spokanegunclub.org/ http://www.doublebarrelranch.com/ http://www.landtfarms.com/ http://cdaskeetandtrap.com/ http://www.frgc.org/ Indoors http://www.sharpshooting.net/ http://www.centertargetsports.com/ Email me if you have any other questions. Jim
  13. Fellow Spokanian here!! Purchased my Saiga-12 here in Spokane for $200.00 on Craigslist. I now own a 7.62X39 a .410 and looking for more. It's a damn addiction.
  14. Use the link to my conversion calculator in the 922R section. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=22156
  15. I have seen the same instructions somewhere, but cannot find it either. This would be a good topic go over. Can anyone repost instructions or post a link to the instructions? I have three that I am doing. Thanks,
  16. How well does the Tapco Buttpad (recoil pad) worlk on the S12. I have recently completed my conversion with the TapcoT6 stock and have yet to shoot it. I am thinking of getting a buttpad, but not sure which one is the best for recoil. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  17. DAMN It you guys. Your killin my wallet...... I had to go buy a .410 with all this talk of a drum and high capacity mags. Price was right at $200.00 though. I'll buy a drum and two mags. It sounds like I will have time to Embezzle enough money that the wife won't notice.
  18. The cheapest will run you about $90.00 in parts., but you have to look around and does not include shipping. -US Stock $29.99 Tapco -US Pistol grip $10.99 Tapco -Trigger group (FCG) single hook $31.99 Tapco (will need to be machined) -Pistol Grip Screw and Nut $6 DPH Arms or $7.99 @ Tapco -Screws to attach trigger gaurd $1.00 -Nylon plugs for filling holes drilled out $1.25 Ace -AK L-Shaped Wire Retaining Spring $3.99 Tapco or e-clips for pivot pins. You may want to order some parts like the trigger group from Danzig or Tromix. I have ordered from Danzig and he machined my parts an
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