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  1. Subject was: Proclamation of Liberty Sent from: Patriot@Emergency-planet.com Emergency planet is a video game about first responders or something like that. Their site uses the same code/board and possibly the same hosting as this site. Waay to over the top to just delete it. Perhaps they won't be able to do anything about it, but there is definately some crazy sicko that needs to be found. The fact that a lot of gun nuts like us were specifically targetted for this email doesn't help matters at all.
  2. Looks like their forums use the exact same board code/style as this site. Not likely a coincidence.
  3. Normally I just ignore the Nigerian money scams and the like, but this one I forwarded to the authorities. Looking around the web I guess a lot of people got it, which is a little reassuring, yet almost makes it creepier at the same time. It would be interesting to find out where they pulled the email addys from. I hope it's not here, I know we're a nice bunch of conspiracy theorists, but this email is over the top.
  4. This is a freaky email I got today. Here's the whole thing minus the list of names and addresses that was at the bottom, supposedly of the politicians it wants you to stalk/kill:
  5. I'd rather support my flgs as well, but they have higher prices, $50 transfers, and a lot of assholes behind the counter...so I get a lot of my ammo from Wallmart, where I get friendlier service and the same ammo for cheaper.
  6. As far as I know it is. The odd part is that weapons are allowed on campuses, but not concealed weapons, so you may only open carry while on campus. I imagine some campuses have their own anti-gun rules, but I haven't looked into which ones do.
  7. It looked like he might have already been losing traction before he hit it, though running into it was clearly what sealed the deal. Maybe the draft from that box truck gave him a little push?
  8. That box truck driver did a pretty good job after being hit. The SUV looked like the only one there with serious tracton issues. Hard to say exactly what caused it, it might have been his tires, he may have been trying to pass the box truck, or if he was just unlucky while cruising in a very poorly positioneed spot. Any way you look at it the SUV driver put himself in a bad situation, it looks very possible that he didnt survive it either.
  9. I guess that depends on some of your options. Is that the Titan with the HK sights on it? If so, thumbs up, if not, you'll either need some sort of sights or optics, or to go with a less intrusive rail, possibly something simpler like just a tri rail or bottom rail if the VFG is the only thing you plan on using rails for. Does your gun run well? Thats the most important thing to get a handle on before making any modifications to it.
  10. My CSS TG did the same, I'm pretty sure my screw didn't end up in there right, with some of it being stripped or crossthreaded. It's in tight and has blue loctite so it shouldn't come loose, but it wasn't quite how I wanted it to go on, I can see why a lot of people just cut themselves a proper PG nut hole.
  11. Thats what most trolls think they are doing, just having a little fun. The limits as to how far they'll go is the only real difference between them, where most trolls are content to just Rick roll you, the guy in the article was clearly willing to go a lot further than that.
  12. I used to mix industrial paints that used MEK as a thinner. Nasty stuff and it'd probably strip the finish on the gun right quick. When you are using some sort of paint thinner to try and strip something it's always better to start on the weaker end, like mineral spirits, and work your way up until you get something that will do what you want. MEK is the top end and should only be used as the last resort if you are willing to go over the top, unless whatever you are doing specifically calls for it. Use in a well ventilated area, outside if you can, people walking in the paint store would be staggered by the fumes if you had been using the stuff (with the employees completely unaware and unable to smell the fumes). Paint stores are designed with emergency ventilation, sheds and garages usually aren't. You also need a decent pair of gloves designed to handle strong chemicals like this, it can be absorbed through the skin and will eat through gloves of the wrong material. It will make paint dry quick, but if you really want fast use Naphta, thats what road lines are mixed with and the good stuff dries in only a couple of minutes.
  13. Theres a follow up story linked there as well. Seems like a decent guy and everything has worked out well enough so far. http://www.litefm.com/cc-common/mainheadlines3.html?feed=421220&article=9744152
  14. Actually yes, because it's one less charge for them to tack on once they catch you.
  15. Fortunately it is a very easy law to comply with, just make sure that you have enough US made parts on hand before you do anything. Post conversion most Saigas are hard to make not compliant, but if you aren't converting it's a much finer line to pay attention to.
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