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  1. There is no functional difference for a semi-auto rifles, but for fully-automatic weapons the difference in cuts do make a slight difference
  2. I figured i would do that as a last reserve, dont really wanna mess with the barrel
  3. actually i think its a normal right handed threat actually i think its a normal right handed threat sorry, did not read it right, i retrect my earlier statement
  4. guys, you honestly think the Russian soldiers go through all those crazy procedures to clean their rifles? Comon lets get real, AK is an AK for a reason, just clean it normaly and lube it
  5. You're not truly a member of the club until you struggle with gas tube removal while the carrier is still in. LOL been there, done that!! Very true!
  6. Romanian AKM's came with those, so look for romy furniture, usually cheap and crappy
  7. you want to find dimpled saigas, sometimes 7.62 come with the third "Y", those are the things u wanna look for. For the most part all of the saigas that i have seen have the pistol grip hole, sometimes threads underneath the shroud.
  8. Looking for a bolt carrier WITH the f/a lip
  9. and yet again, its malfunctioning, the last round hits the bottom of the barrel, can someone/anyone point me in the right direction, what can i do besides just simply sell it?
  10. it is correct, every BG (round trunnion) that i have installed from dinzag had holes not centered, they work fine
  11. my friend's 5.45, that did not require BG whatsoever, started to jam, quiet often after a 1000 rounds or so
  12. I believe 5.45 was meant for a shorter barrels (AKS-74U), it gains max velocity by the time it leaves the barrel, but dont quote me on that
  13. i welded it on there, its there forever now
  14. is that a saiga? did u have to redrill the gas port?
  15. At first i thought it was the tail of the dissconector, so i dremelled it off and it still continued, but there were no spots, i checked
  16. the thing is i traded my Arsenal trigger that was vibrating in my saiga for my friends G2 that he pulled out of his Draco, will his Draco vibrate like a dildo too with that trigger in?
  17. i guess i might be the first one to test that than, thinking about picking up a 223 and making it resemble an AR as close as possible
  18. does anyone know if its possible? or not?
  19. will an Arsenal trigger work fine for other non-saiga rifles, for instance Draco?
  20. Im just wondering if i could build a saiga to resemble AR, not saying i will just want to know if possible
  21. I put a tiny washer underneath the guide, had to fit the lip some more to fit underneath the barrel, but it works!!! Now another issue, i used an arsenal us made trigger for this build, and every shot the trigger vibrates so bad that it hurts my finger, i had to dremmel/file the disconnector to fit in with the bolt that holds the trigger guard, who can i do to fix the issue? My ten rounder also works with the bulletguide
  22. is it possible to install an AR front sight block on Saiga? does anyone know the diameters?
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