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  1. go for the Saiga, you won't look back! I have two 7.62x39 and .223 and am leaving them stock even though I do not have to. They point real nice, just as nice as my Rem 597 which has a nice stock, cheek weld and sight picture is perfect for me. Length of pull is also a good fit. If I was living in your state and wanted a AK style rifle this is the one I would have. The ten round mag limit does not bother me. like you said just buy more mags. If S really HTF I am not going to worry much about plugging a 30 rounder in mine(even though I do not do it now), the LEOs are going to have too much
  2. Some guys asked about the paint I used, sorry for the delay. It is Krylon Fusion, Khaki color. So far it is looking durable. With this type paint don't get in a hurry to put the firearm back into service after painting. Although per the instructions, you can handle the item in about an hour, full cure is 7 days. Go longer as I could still smell the paint after 10+ days, so I waited two weeks.
  3. I have the second set up but a different red dot. I will have that red dot one day but not yet. I am thoroughly satisfied with the set up. I like haveing the sight centered over the centerline of the rifle and as close to the top of the cover as possible. I particularly like the mount since the weaver rail allows me to change to a scope or other sight as I see fit. Going to iron sights only takes a couple of second to slide off the mount. With a red dot in use there is really no need to see the rifles irons.
  4. Is a mini 14 suitable for sporting purposes? Is a mini 14 with a 30 round mag suitable for sporting purposes?
  5. I may be wrong, but I believe that I read somewhere that the rear sight should be set on #1, that is probably one click from the rear most slide catch for a 100 meter sight-in. The article or the message went on to say that when zeroed at the 100 meter setting, then pulling the slide all the way back would put the rifle in "battle sights", and depending on the caliber it generally meant for a 300 meter sight(ish). That's the best of my recollection. I rarely get to a 300 yard range and haven't tested it.
  6. If it were me, I would get a fairly high wattage sodlering iron that has a tip that accepts attachments like a exacto knife blade, etc and use it to melt and scrape the JB off of the steel. I used to sell these types of epoxies and from what I remember, generally polymers lose when subjected to heats over 600 to 800 degrees F. I would go this route and see what I could acomplish.
  7. I would think this idea would work quite well if not better than the drill and tap method, If the surfaces were prepared/cleaned properly. I have seen cold welding polymers work quite well in the marine industry and I worked for a company that had a line of polymer products in their line to complement their electric welding line. I have used them and would be confident in useing like products for this application. I would expect that between the bottom of the bullet guide and the trunion where it meets there is probably gaps that would do well to be filled by this material and aid to the
  8. Lesgeaux

    New skin

    Yes it is fusion paint. I didn't know about it until just the otherday while surfing. I thought it was the only one for plastic but have found out that Alumahyde II is also for plastic. Hope I made the right choice. Will know soon enough as I knock it around a bit at the range. Both paints reccommended 7 days full cure even though it is dry to the touch in about 15 min.
  9. Lesgeaux

    New skin

    I wanted an easy way to tell my 223 from my 7.62 and since I am not going to do a conversion, I figured this is about the next best thing for me. Additional pics in the picture thread. Enjoy
  10. Wanted a easier way to tell my 223 from my 7.62
  11. I'm interested, but would like to see pics. Please email me c_zielsdorf at yahoo I would like to see a pic also. Don't think I have ever seen one of these, seen others but not these.
  12. It will fit. How much do you want shipped?
  13. I need a front handguard, still available? Pls email, thanks
  14. Hope someone has one after a conversion that you can let go at a reasonable price. Please email me.
  15. I was wondering if the 922r only came into effect with Hi cap mags, since it sometimes seems that is the main reason to do a conversion.
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