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  1. I have the M10-762, no complaints at all bro, shots like a champ all day, owned about 3 months about 400 round down range W/ Tulammo steel cased ammo, no jams or anything. Will say that it does come in looking pretty beat up, canted front sight and wuad rail not level, but runs like a MOFO champ all day man. the 30 round pro mag it comes with wobbles like hell, I bought 2 Tapco 30-rounders, tight fit but absolutely no wobble man. I love this gun
  2. sweet, good deal man seeing theses type of posts makes me anxious as hell for me to get mine S-12
  3. I dont own a S-12 yet, but from what I've read some people do have issues, and some people don't unfortunately you did, try the fixes suggested, and if it still doesn't work save up for a Chaos rail
  4. awesome show last night, was great to see the mk19 kick some @ss, and that suppresor was kool too, I see that you guys like suppressors alot you need to make a suppressor for a flame thrower, (just kidding) great show and keep it up, with all of this publicity you're going to need to get some help for your daughter and pretty soon a bigger shop i bet. Thanks for letting us common folk into your lives.... keep up the great work
  5. Mike D is great guy, and makes great products, from what i've seen and heard it is supposed to be that easy, the only reason that the drums have to be adjusted is b/c the guns being stamped always differ in there sizes depending on the batch
  6. Thanks bro, what you got is almost what i am looking for, and also thanks to everyone else who has contributed to my questions a well, thanks for helping a noob-tard out
  7. That's one hell of a good deal. Yes and then i'm getting you to do the Carrier, FCG, ETC i seen your work online many times and it impresses the $hit outta me everytime
  8. Yes and I do agree thats why i'm jumping on this deal asap, i think kinda what i meant was, like i believe he will have to grind/cut off the tang to get the magpul conversion to work, is that going to be extra, and also i believe that i read some were about the difference between plug and weld on a magpul conversion, and I have no clue what that is. And lastly in the conversion pack from CSS do I have to buy anything additional to make it work like a pignose adapter or any thing like that I'm sorry I'm asking these question, I've been reading around and so forth, but this is only li
  9. Alright well in the next 2 weeks i'm going to buying my first Saiga-12, i'm getting it from CSS and also getting the JTE conversion done as well. Well i know that this is a basic build and that some of the options are not included. I want to know, is there anything that JT can do for some extra $$ that might make it better, also with this i'm going to get a Magpul-Stock conversion kit as well, are there any other additional parts that I might need to make this set up work as well, that doesn't come in the kit, I'm not to worried about a folder i just want an adjustable stock and i'm a magpul f
  10. Damn that paint job on the left one looks absolutley gorgeous, i believe it is Urban Mirage Flang, good the look of that gun is Sexy
  11. i cant read this, my adobe for some reason on this computer seems to not ever wanna work, no matter how many updates i do
  12. come on lucky # 21 daddy needs
  13. This will be mod #1 for me when I break mine in, I've seen other pics of Pauly's work, and there like little pieces of pieces if fine art, that can cause alot of hurt, friggin remarkable as usual Pauly..
  14. Well you can cut them shorter than that and permantly add (weld) on a brake or what ever you want, as long as the total length is 18" i believe, I myself wanna shorten that bad mofo and weld a Tromix Monster Brake on it like Lone Star arms does, but from what i here it effects the gas system and futher work needs to be done on it after that, so i dunno if it's worth it or not...??
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